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4k 2000s video game screenshots

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Post shit you've taken that can make a good wallpaper
No UI obviously
Late 90s games too.
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Steam Trains

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Need some good train papes, steam engines preferred.
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Post a wallpaper and say what's on your mind - /catharsis/

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Thread #9. An anon in the last thread suggested /catharsis/ and I like it. What do you guys think?

All are welcome here.

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smoke stacks
rail yards
oil fields
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High resolution stuff

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Just got a new 1440p monitor so now most of my old wallpapers look shitty on it since they're too small

Post cool stuff that's 2560x1440 or bigger, any topic/subject
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Warm Color Nature Wallpapers

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I'm looking for nature wallpapers I can add to my collection, preferably with orange tones or warm color. Here are some I already have:
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High res Hindi Gods - PC or phone

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Does anyone have some cool looking hindi styled wallpaper for either phone or a PC? Krisha, Shiva, Hanuman, Narayans...
Most of what I could find on the internet was either low res (just like the pic related, but this was the best resolution I could find) or extremely goofy looking.
I dunno why but the old pictures always try way too hard and end up looking like a caricature.
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aurora borealis
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Cars and anime

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