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Im moving to the city in a few days and Im nervous as fuck (grew up in a small town, first apartment by myself)

send me some cityscapes to hype me please
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Today is my 28th birthday. Post your 28th wallpaper or whatever wallpaper you want.
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spongebob wallpapers

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one of my favorite shows but I've never seen many good papes.
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We never really stop playing this game, we just take long breaks...
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Dual Theme (Light/Dark) Phone Wallpaper

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With the app Dual Wallpaper you can set separate papes for light and dark mode respectively if you have it automatically changing with time.
I felt it was sufficiently different to the Duality thread since it always needs two papes working in tandem.
They should be suited for their respective theme, so if both are very bright that wouldn't fit the dark theme in the evening/night very well.

Please post great wallpaper pairs that complement each other when switching from one to the other.
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phone papes

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new phone, haven't seen a good general phone thread in a minute, post your best ones
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Anything like this. The less empty space the better.
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post fields
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trip monitor 7680x1440

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scifi, fantasy, space, science, programing, art, architecture, landscapes, anime, whatever as long as its 1440 for trip monitors
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Green papes

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anything goes, just make it green
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