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Cars and anime

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Gem/Mineral wallpapers

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Looking for that shiny stuff
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star wars papes?
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Today is my 28th birthday. Post your 28th wallpaper or whatever wallpaper you want.
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Apocalyptic Thread

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Apocalyptic Thread
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OC Thread #12

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Post pictures you took. Amateurs, professionals, anybody in between. All are welcome here.

Previous: >>7990283

I have archived the previous threads and will post them if there's interest.
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Good ol girl papes (sfw/nsfw) no dicks/trans

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I know I’m breaking the rules by not posting more. BUT please I have looked far and wide for a good high quality pape of some hydrangea flowers. Please help
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Tech and computer

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I was looking for AMD Radeon one I used to have in particular.
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High resolution integrated circuits
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