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Digital painting

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I need a digital art painting suitable for online puzzles, like this picture, which has a good combination of small details and people.
Not a too hegemonic landscape painting (not good for puzzles).
prefer pictures that tell a story.

Pink sky

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As per the title. Purple, deep blue, indigo etc. skies also encouraged. Try to avoid animated. NSFW only if tasteful. Basically anything you could stick a 10 hour loop of home - resonance over and have a good time.
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Anyone got any papes that are nice photos of, or reminiscent of, a sunrise?

I actually don't in my collection, so I'll drop some sun(set) vibes I have to get us started, but I am looking for any of the other one if you have 'em.
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Forests, Plants, Trees, Nature

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Somehow there is no thread for this category, so I'll start with some of my OC, and then post other papes I have.
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Tropical Palm Trees and Pink Sunset

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Any Similar wallpapers? The only ones I get when I search are generic vaporwave wallpapers
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As many Nighthawks variations as we have

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Concrete Aesthetic / Brutalist Interior

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Can we get some Concrete Aesthetic / Brutalist Interior wallpapers?
I'll start by dumping what I have and i'll try to keep things alive.

Points gained for...
> High Quality Textures
> Minimalism and Clean Vibes
> Warm Lighting or Cool lighting

Points lost for...
> Fantasy or apocalypse themes
> Images of entire brutalist buildings
> Busy and over-complicated landscapes
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I don't know what this style is called but it's pleasant to see.
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Skylines at night

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