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cool space pics

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cool space pics
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Star Trek

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All things Star Trek
Ultrawide is a plus
Got a new 3840 x 1080 monitor that needs something other than default wallpapers.
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Abstract papes

I made this one today. I dont have much else to share but anything that is cool or abstract would be nice to add to my collection.

I'm so starved for papes im literally making my own
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Quote papes

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Can we get a quotes thread folks? Anything goes - I'll post what I've got, and as a side request.. will someone make this into a good one?

"The people you love, the people you say you're doing it for - never asked you for any of it."
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Let's get a retro synthwave thread going! Phone papes preferred
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post papes with cans
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Underwater, Submarines, Sunken Wrecks

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Anything to do with being under the surface of a large body of water. Wonder and horror are equally welcome.
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Happy & Colorful

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Stuff with this kind of fun, youthful aesthetic. Doesn't have to be from games, that's just mostly where I find it.
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1280 x 1024 resolution

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post l33t 1280 x 1024 papes
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Blue and Orange

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Blue and Orange wallpapers
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