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Hey everyone! Can we get an OSRS thread going? Ive been playing since 2005 and its my favorite game but i dont have any papes for it. 2560x1600 preferred but anything thats 1080+ goes.
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looking for wallpapers that have given you some kind of inspiration, be it quotes or just images
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Snowy towns/cities

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Would love to see some cozy papes of snowy towns and cities. Can be photos, drawings, paintings, real places, fictitious, whatever you got.
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Purple Papes

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More purple papes like these
Galaxy theme or nature for bonus.
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Fuck the heat, I'm ready for fall. Post your favorite autumnal wallpapers.
I'm mainly looking for nature/landscapes, but anything with a fall feel will do.
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Phone Papes

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Mobile phone wallpapers thread

system desktop papes

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Similar to attached plz
Preferably black
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post papes with cans
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Skylines at night

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Church Organs

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Post some papes of the coolest instrument ever
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