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Boardtan Art Thread #5

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For posting original art relating to anything Boardtan related, or any concept relating to them.

Here's the following Ruleset:
>If there are any Newcomers, greet them and welcome them with open arms.
>Don't impersonate others in the thread, even if they're anonymous.
>If you can't draw, that's ok. talk about your favorite Boardtans instead. (or any ocs made from 4Chan in general!
>Creating, drawing, and sharing your ideas and concepts would be fine! It helps a lot with this thread!
>Enjoy Yourselves!

Previous Thread: >>731298
Unofficial dicksword server, PLEASE keep it drama-free: gg/DH8gZMcYRR
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happiness thread
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Let's build a robot

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Starting with the head. Others add body parts and accessories one post at a time. Once the robot is completed we can repeat the process with a new robot

RPG comic #2

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This thread is a collaborative RPG comic where anyone can contribute.
Continuation from previous thread >>703626, read the story so far:

The rules are simple:
>Make a comic board that follows the story of the previous board.
>Make sure to leave a choice in the final panel for the next board: (ex: You meet a merchant, a monster attacks you...)
>Make sure to put some kind of effort in your board
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Draw Glegles

Last thread
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draw something cute

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ill start. heres a cute dog
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Creature Thread

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A thread for drawings of collectable creatures (Pokemon, Cassette Beasts, WoFF, etc.)
Human OC's are highly encouraged as long as they are always paired with a monster. Crossovers and fakemon (understood as fake monsters not necessarily fake Pokémon) are encouraged too.
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/npg/ Comfy North Park OC thread #29

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Welcome to the North Park OC thread, a place to draw, create and discuss original characters for North Park, a South Park spin off. Feel free to read through the wiki for more information on the characters so far. Otherwise, draw characters and have fun!

Shapechangers edition

Previous thread:
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