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Armpit thread.
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Lil Suzie/Stick-Chan

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Post em here. OC very much appreciated. Human edition
Last thread : >>704915
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cute feet thread

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Draw cute feet. in leg wear or shoes maybe
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draw something... middle eastern-ish.
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My waifu drew something for you guys. She worked very hard and put a lot of effort into it.
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/i/ Animation Thread

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First Practice assignment is the Pendulum
the main focus of this practice is to understand slow-ins and slow-outs
each swing is 12 frames and how they're spaced is what makes or breaks the movement
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Draw pikamans w me

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Cutout Style Thread

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Been drawing these simplistic cutout lookalike characters based on the Portal 2 animation style, using a single pixel brush and some color shenanigans for contrast and shading.

NSFW / sexy is encouraged, but you can draw whatever you feel like, ideas are also welcome.
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Burgerman Colab Comic

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This thread is a collaborative BURGER comic where anyone can contribute.

The rules are simple:
>Make a comic that follows the story of the previous one.
>Make sure to leave a choice in the final panel for the next entry: (ex: You buy a burger, a vegan attacks you...)
>Make sure to put some kind of effort in your entry

>m muh stolen idea, m muh rpg
don't care, post burger comics
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