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Gondola Thread 2024 #001

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Post or draw your Gondolas
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Hiya! Special delivery for you! That'll be 8 dollars, sir.
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Let's all draw the doomer girl!
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This is Floobis. draw something nice with him/her
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Lets draw more

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I decided to make a second thread because it actually gives me motivation to draw more and that it's good for my mind
You can also post your stuff if you want, I might or might not draw your OC depending on how easy is for me to do it.
Don't expect anything but cheesy anime girls stuff in here
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Turn a character into a plushie
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Early 00s thread

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Memories of a simpler time.
Draw 00s anime, things you'd find on Deviantart, etc...
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Draw an ancient Roman

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Be it soldier, plebeian, emperor. Whatever suits the theme.
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trying out oekaki for the first time. some parts of a drawing look bad, but it was fun anyway
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Thread for this funny woman I keep drawing & anything else I get the urge to draw
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