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happy new year

would like to see your take on this thing
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lobotomy corporation

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draw things from lobotomy corp (or other if you want i can't do anything). don't know what loocomy corp is ? idk just see this and enjoy the hellhole that is the plot of lobotomy corp
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NSFW Dump Thread

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This is a thread for deliveries for the NSFW requests submitted in /a/, /co/, /v/ and any other request centered drawthreads on other boards. In light of the increased moderation on the SFW boards, the goal of this thread is to provide a safe space for artists to post NSFW material from other threads.

Previous Thread: >>706274
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Is it okay to trace if you're just starting out and trying to learn?

I'm a writer by trade and don't intend to get more involved with art than with writing, but I just bought a Kindle Scribe and have been having a lot of fun sketching and was wanting to use the doodles to supplement some poetry, Rupi Kaur-style.
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i will draw what you tell me to

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self explanatory
gimme things to draw and ill do it
ill probably end up posting these on newgrounds later down the line
catch ya on the flipside
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/crab/ Gaiden #2

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Comic and random art battles /crab/ Gaiden are the off season threads between the /crab/2 and the /crab/3 tournament.

What do we do here?

We chill and prepare for the third tournament (/crab/3) this summer (2024) with art, stories and mini events.

Wanna join? Introduce your character. Some crabs that participated in /crab/2 continue their character's story even after the previous tourney is over. Others are prepping their crab3 characters.

What is /crab/?

Comics and random art battles is an annual multi-board OC tournament with a strong emphasis on collab and storytelling.

/Crab/ Pastebin Archive:

We have a d*scord server, to join us you have to submit your character for crab3 and its introduction in any media format. At the moment we accept a limited number of users, gradually.

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