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I want to have an excuse to draw random shit, please req whatever you want as long as it involves my character.

I'm not great at art but I try my best.
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draw This preu

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draw This preu
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run them hands

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run them hands
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Face thread

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Draw faces.
No heads though.
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Creature Thread

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A thread for drawings of collectable creatures (Pokemon, Cassette Beasts, WoFF, etc.)
Human OC's are highly encouraged as long as they are always paired with a monster. Crossovers and fakemon (understood as fake monsters not necessarily fake Pokémon) are encouraged too.

This is the best collage I could make. I couldn't put all the drawings, I'm sorry if yours isn't in.
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Bob Graves' Ask Thread

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Hey there folks. Been wanting to draw for a bit but can't seem to get many good ideas, so, feel free to ask whatever you want! It can be backgrounds, characters or something else. If I like the drawing a lot I might ask if I can post it on my socials.

Just, try to keep it fairly sfw please, thanks!
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Obscure Webtoon Fanart

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Anything is allowed, so long as it's obscure.
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RPG comic #2

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This thread is a collaborative RPG comic where anyone can contribute.
Continuation from previous thread >>703626, read the story so far:

The rules are simple:
>Make a comic board that follows the story of the previous board.
>Make sure to leave a choice in the final panel for the next board: (ex: You meet a merchant, a monster attacks you...)
>Make sure to put some kind of effort in your board
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/tabas/ - Thread for Art with Below Average Skill

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Probably going to be a personal "art" dump, but you may post your art if you want to
I'll post some recent doodles of mine
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Getting back into drawing

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Gonna start a general art dump as I want to get back into drawing. Most of it ain't very good or finished but I like em. I feel like this'll give me more motivation to draw so fuck it. Feel free to drop your own random cute doodles an such if you wish and criticize my kinda wack work and give me pointers :)
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