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leech gf
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Art dump thread Mk. 6

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This thread is for sharing my doodles related to my original characters and other drawings I make on my free time, feel free to request something as long as it 100% SFW.

Disclaimer: Dont expect quality here, I am not an actual artist, just have fun.
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/i/ Animation Thread

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First Practice assignment is the Pendulum
the main focus of this practice is to understand slow-ins and slow-outs
each swing is 12 frames and how they're spaced is what makes or breaks the movement
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happiness thread
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im bored af so ill draw your requests!! req me anything lol
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Draw Glegles

Last thread
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made this gal today and wanted to debut her. Unsafe requests accepted, I dont care
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Draw awkward social situations
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Hiya! Special delivery for you! That'll be 8 dollars, sir.
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draw dumb bullshit
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