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MAGA Utopia Bans Gayness

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Russia Set To Ban LGBT Movement As ‘Extremists’
November 18, 2023
10:00 AM CST
Dr. Rabia Khan

A lawsuit has been filed against the international LGBT movement in Russia.

A lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court suggests banning the movement activities of the LGBT movement inside Russia.

The Russian Justice Ministry said the movement sows seeds of social and religious hatred.
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Hollywood is over now, AI writing on the wall is clear

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The AI startup behind Stable Diffusion is now testing generative video

Stable Diffusion's generative art can now be animated, developer Stability AI announced. The company has released a new product called Stable Video Diffusion into a research preview, allowing users to create video from a single image. "This state-of-the-art generative AI video model represents a significant step in our journey toward creating models for everyone of every type," the company wrote.

The new tool has been released in the form of two image-to-video models, each capable of generating 14 to 25 frames long at speeds between 3 and 30 frames per second at 576 × 1024 resolution. It's capable of multi-view synthesis from a single frame with fine-tuning on multi-view datasets. "At the time of release in their foundational form, through external evaluation, we have found these models surpass the leading closed models in user preference studies," the company said, comparing it to text-to-video platforms Runway and Pika Labs.
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Ohio Republicans Declare It’s Their ‘God Given Right’ to Restrict Women's Rights

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>Republicans in Ohio want to undermine the will of voters who approved a measure enshrining reproductive freedom into the state’s constitution

Ohio Republicans are claiming a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights, which was approved by voters in Tuesday’s election, doesn’t actually do that — and they’re promising to take steps to prevent the legal protection of reproductive freedom in the state.

“To prevent mischief by pro-abortion courts with Issue 1, Ohio legislators will consider removing jurisdiction from the judiciary over this ambiguous ballot initiative,” Ohio House Republicans wrote in a statement released Thursday. “The Ohio legislature alone will consider what, if any, modifications to make to existing laws based on public hearings and input from legal experts on both sides.”

Ohio banned abortion in the aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, but legal challenges to state’s abortion laws left residents’ reproductive rights in limbo until Tuesday’s ballot measure. The strategy Republicans are now proposing would essentially strip Ohio’s courts of the authority to repeal existing abortion restrictions before the new amendment goes into effect on December 7.

“No amendment can overturn the God-given rights with which we were born,” state Rep. Beth Lear (R-Galena) added in the Republican’s statement. Another representative, Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester), claimed the referendum had only passed due to “foreign election interference.”

Rep. Bill Dean (R-Xenia) said the amendment “doesn’t repeal a single Ohio law,” and that its language is “dangerously vague and unconstrained, and can be weaponized to attack parental rights or defend rapists, pedophiles, and human traffickers.”
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Donald Trump's family flips

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>Putin flipped on trump.
>Paul Manafort flipped on Trump.
>Rick Gates flipped on Trump.
>Kilimnik flipped on Trump.
>Michael Flynn flipped on Trump. >Roger Stone flipped on Trump.
>Mike lindell flipped on Trump
>Tucker Carlson flipped on Trump
>Weisselman flipped on Trump.
And now...
Trumps own family is flipping on him. And now his attorneys are expected to flip on him as well.
Is only a matter of time before he's getting real friendly with bubba in prison
'Smoking gun': Mary Trump exposes 'note from hell' that could cost her uncle everything
Matthew Chapman
November 22, 2023 5:01PM ET
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'Smoking gun': Mary Trump exposes 'note from hell' that could cost her uncle everything
Former President Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump explained in her Substack Wednesday why a five-word "note from hell"written by the Trump Organization's top accountant could cost her uncle everything in the civil fraud trial in New York.

"A scribbled note said to have been written by former Trump Organization Comptroller Jeffrey McConney reads: 'DJT TO GET FINAL REVIEW.' The note appears on a document that allegedly exaggerated Donald’s net worth by $3.5 billion, and contained expansive evidence of fraud," wrote Mary Trump, herself a professional psychologist. "I shared this evidence with attorney Joe Gallina of Call to Activism, who said, 'I can’t think of a bigger smoking gun than one that says – in all caps – 'DONALD TRUMP MUST APPROVE THIS' on a document riddled with fraud.'"

The problem for the former presidents and his adult sons, who are currently on trial for exaggerating and manipulating the value of their assets, is that their primary defense is that they simply followed their accountants' advice — and this piece of evidence would directly contradict that.

But theres another reason this is a devastating blow to Trump's case.

ALSO READ: Marjorie Taylor Greene declares war on Republicans
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Ohio votes for abortion access in constitution in latest statewide win for reproductive rights.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that ensures access to abortion and other forms of reproductive health care, the latest victory for abortion rights supporters since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

Ohio became the seventh state where voters decided to protect abortion access after the landmark ruling and was the only state to consider a statewide abortion rights question this year.

“The future is bright, and tonight we can celebrate this win for bodily autonomy and reproductive rights,” Lauren Blauvelt told a jubilant crowd of supporters.

The outcome of the intense, off-year election could be a bellwether for 2024, when Democrats hope the issue will energize their voters and help President Joe Biden keep the White House. Voters in Arizona, Missouri and elsewhere are expected to vote on similar protections next year.
Heather Williams, interim president of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which works to elect Democrats to state legislatures, said the vote in favor of abortion rights was a "huge victory."
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Genocide Joe He Doesn’t Know if US hostages were Even Alive by Hamas(He was joking)

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President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday that he didn’t know when American hostages would be released by Hamas or whether they were even alive.

After a reporter asked, “Mr. President, are you insinuating that Hamas eats it's prisoners?
Biden said, “We don’t know if that occurs, but expect it to occur.''
Another reporter asked,"You must be joking sir?!"
Biden replied,"The savages that did the Oct. 7 atrocity were under the influence of Captagon, a synthetic amphetamine-type stimulant, which makes bath salts look like a cupa joe, and meany of the israeli victims of Oct 7 had pieces bitten outta them, so you do the math"

Captagon, a drug, known as the "cocaine for the poor," is produced in Syria and smuggled throughout Gulf nations.
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Demonic possession was always real.

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My teenage son was indoctrinated by the trans cult from the classroom to the clinic: Mother left 'grieving' for the boy who revealed desire to become a girl... spurred on by 'activist teachers'

The mother of a teenager in the process of transitioning from male to a female has revealed the anguish of her son telling her he wanted to be a girl.

The mother-of-two from London was left in shock two years ago when her then-17-year-old son announced he thought he had been born in the wrong body.

Jane - not her real name - has spoken to MailOnline on the condition of anonymity because she fears her son, now 19, might cut her out of his life if he knew how she truly felt.

She said: 'I feel very blessed that I still have my child in my life. I still have hope.

'It's classroom to clinic, that's my story. My son is making himself ill in an irreversible way.

'I can't even describe the shock we were in. I said to him, ''You do know that we are grieving?''

'When you speak to [him] it's like speaking to a cardboard cutout of your child.

'It's like [he is] possessed.'

Last week, other parents of trans children begged the Crown Prosecution Service to review its gender identity guidance over fears mothers and fathers could be prosecuted for domestic abuse if they use their child's original name or poonouns.
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Finland closes most border crossings with Russia in attempt to stop asylum seekers

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The Kremlin has voiced regret about Finland’s decision to close the checkpoints and rejected Finnish authorities’ claims that Russia has encouraged the influx of migrants at the border to punish Finland for joining NATO.

Finland is to close three of the last four remaining border crossings with Russia, suspecting Moscow of orchestrating a migration crisis, the Finnish Prime Minister announced on Wednesday.

"The government has today decided to close more border crossings. Only the Raja-Jooseppi crossing will remain open," Petteri Orpo told a press conference.

On Wednesday, border guards and soldiers began erecting barriers including concrete obstacles topped with barbed wire at crossing points on the Nordic country’s long border with Russia to better control the flow of undocumented migrants, officials said.

Some 600 migrants without proper visas and documentation, mostly from the Middle East and Africa, arrived in Finland in November compared to a few dozen in September and October. The arrivals include residents of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Kenya, Morocco and Somalia, border officials said.
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Everyone point and laugh at trump

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Trump, king idiot, the Carrot Caligula, aka Mango Mussolini, pulls a 1d chest move in court leaving onlookers gawking in disbelief. After claiming for years that the media lies, his lawyers now stand up for them in court and admit everything they said is right and trump is just a big fat liar.
Magats on suicide watch.
The media reports are accurate': Trump stuck defending news sites in new criminal filing
Donald Trump holds a baseball bat while looking at exhibits during a Spirit of America Showcase in the Entrance Hall of the White House July 02, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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Donald Trump's legal team on Wednesday found itself in an unfamiliar position for the former president: defending traditional media sites.
Trump, who has railed against what he has dubbed the "fake news media," on Wednesday claimed in a filing in his criminal case in D.C. that news reports from the New York Times and other sites are "accurate."

The filing, made in support of a motion to dismiss the case for "vindictive and selective prosecution," argues that Jack Smith and his team of prosecutors failed to rebut the ex-president's argument that Joe Biden called for his criminal prosecution. To support its arguments, the legal team for Trump presented news reports.
Donald Trump holds a baseball bat while looking at exhibits during a Spirit of America Showcase in the Entrance Hall of the White House July 02, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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Donald Trump's legal team on Wednesday found itself in an unfamiliar position for the former president: defending traditional media sites.

Trump, who has railed against what he has dubbed the "fake news media," on Wednesday claimed in a filing in his criminal case in D.C. that news reports from the New York Times and other sites are "accurate."
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Fox News Forced to Walk Back ‘Terrorist Attack’ Claim at Rainbow Bridge

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>The right-wing network went all-in on suggesting the fiery crash may have been part of a jihadist plot by radicalized immigrants, only to quiet down as the situation developed.

After diving headfirst into speculation that a Wednesday afternoon explosion at the New York-Canada border was an “attempted terrorist attack,” Fox News reversed course with correspondent Alexis McAdams having to walk back her reporting based on “high-level police sources.”

A deadly vehicle crash at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls led to immediate closures of all four bridges between Canada and the United States on the busiest travel day of the year. Traveling at a high rate of speed, a vehicle reportedly entering the bridge on the U.S. side became airborne after hitting a curb, exploding when it impacted a checkpoint structure, law enforcement officials said.

While authorities investigated whether the crash was deliberate, and the incident initially created a heightened state of alert, officials noted there were no secondary incendiary or explosive devices found among the vehicle’s remains.

And in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul stated that there was “no indication” the crash was an act of terrorism. Reuters reported that the explosion was “likely caused by a reckless driver” based on early assessments of the scene.

But in the immediate aftermath of the incident, Fox News went all-in on depicting the fiery crash as a likely terror attack—even going so far as to openly speculate whether the explosion was part of a coordinated series of attacks related to either the war in Gaza or illegal immigration.
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