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Trump, 77, issues letter lauding his health and weight loss on Biden's 81st birthday

The Constitution lists only three qualifications for the Presidency — the President must be at least 35 years of age, be a natural born citizen, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

Former President Donald Trump shared a report proclaiming his "exceptional" cognitive health on Monday — a thinly veiled shot at Joe Biden on the president's 81st birthday.

The note, signed by Trump's personal physician, is heavy on praise but light on detail, describing the overall health of the Republican primary front-runner as "excellent" and his performance on cognitive tests as "exceptional."

It also claims Trump has "reduced his weight through an improved diet and continued daily physical activity" and credits this as the reason his "laboratory analysis" came back more favorable than in prior testing. But no specific metrics are listed.

US fighter jets strike Iran-backed targets in Iraq after repeated attacks on US bases

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US forces carried out strikes against two sites in Iraq early on Wednesday in retaliation for attacks by “Iran and Iran-backed groups,” US Central Command said.

The US military “conducted discrete, precision strikes against two facilities in Iraq,” CENTCOM said on X, previously Twitter.

“The strikes were in direct response to the attacks against US and Coalition forces by Iran and Iran-backed groups,” the post added, and come the day after a previous US airstrike killed multiple Iranian-backed militiamen in Iraq.

The US fighter jets struck a Kataeb Hezbollah operations center and a Kataeb Hezbollah Command and Control node near Al Anbar and Jurf al Saqr, south of Baghdad, on Tuesday, two defense officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity to provide additional sensitive details of the attacks.

Kataeb Hezbollah said in a statement that the two US strikes south of Baghdad early Wednesday “left eight martyrs” and “will not go unpunished.”

Hours earlier, a warplane struck a militia facility where Iranian-backed forces had fired a short-range ballistic missile at American and allied personnel in the country, the Pentagon said.

It was the first time the United States has announced a strike on Iranian proxy forces in Iraq since targeting Tehran-linked sites in Syria on three occasions in recent weeks, in response to a spike in attacks on American personnel.

New J6 Video Shows DC Planning to Masquerade as Antifa (Seriously)

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Video for anybody who doesn't want to give them clicks:

Just the News on Tuesday obtained footage of an undercover Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer recorded by his camera behind police lines on the U.S. Capitol grounds. The footage was obtained directly from official sources and has not been altered.

He is seen giving water to his fellow police officers who were suffering from the effects of tear gas which the Capitol Police had deployed against the pro-Trump protestors. The footage showed the officer in plainclothes with a grey jacket. Spotted in the video and identifying him as a police officer is a badge hanging around his neck.

While helping his fellow officer, the undercover officer told his colleague that “we go undercover as Antifa in a crowd.”

The footage obtained by Just the News is embedded in the player above. It was turned over to Congress recently to investigators for House Administration Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., who are investigating the official police response on Jan. 6.

A snippet of the video began appearing on social media a few weeks ago. Just the News obtained the complete footage and verified its authenticity.

The video does not make clear whether the officer was referring to being undercover as Antifa in the crowd of Trump supporters gathered at the Capitol on that day or to any prior experience with Antifa protests, such as during the Summer 2020 BLM riots that swept the country.

The officer’s words are likely to raise more questions during the House GOP probe of the wider police response on Jan. 6.
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A Ukrainian killed a family and cooked borscht from them!

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In Poland, a Ukrainian killed his wife and two daughters and lived with the bodies of his victims for five days

In the small Polish town of Pushchikovo near Poznan, 42-year-old Ukrainian Sergey T. killed his 29-year-old wife Yulia and two young daughters aged 4 and 1.5 years, and then lived in the same house with the bodies for five days until he surrendered to the police.

This is reported by the Polish edition of Fakt.

Sergey T. from Pushchikov was a famous chef before he killed his loved ones. He came from Ukraine to work in the best restaurants. His career fell apart when he started drinking.

In Poland, a Ukrainian killed his wife and two daughters and lived with the bodies of his victims for five days
At one time, he said that he had dreamed of working as a cook since childhood, when he constantly helped his grandmother in the kitchen. So he decided to add some of their blood to the soup.

The killer was a good cook

After school, he went to Moscow to study cooking with masters. At the age of 22, Sergey T. became a chef and worked in elite restaurants in Moscow. but because of his drunkenness, his career developed.

Before leaving for Poland, he worked in a restaurant in the Ukrainian Kazatin. There he met Yulia and fell in love.

In 2018, Sergey came to Poland and got a job in an exclusive restaurant. A year after his arrival, his wife Yulia joined Sergey. Their daughters Daria and Maria, who were called Dasha and Masha in the family, were born in Poland. Yulia's son from a previous relationship also lived with the couple.

They rented a small house near Poznan. It seemed that they would live a happy life in the small town of Pushchikovo.

However, he subsequently lost his job, accumulated debts, and quarrels broke out at home.
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US nuke reactor lab hit by 'gay furry hackers' demanding cat-human mutants

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The self-described "gay furry hackers" of SiegedSec are back: this time boasting they've broken into America's biggest nuclear power lab's computer systems and stolen records on thousands of employees. Some of that data has already been leaked, it appears.

SiegedSec, which also claimed to have breached NATO's IT security on two occasions this year, said it has now hit Idaho National laboratory (INL), which is run by the US Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy. Employee Social Security numbers, physical addresses, and bank account data are among the information said to have been pinched.

The lab has at least acknowledged its HR systems suffered a cyberattack.

"On Monday, November 20, Idaho National Laboratory determined that it was the target of a cybersecurity data breach in a federally approved vendor system outside the lab that supports INL cloud Human Resources services," spokesperson Lori McNamara told The Register today.

Bidenomics, how bad is it??

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Is the economy really that bad in the States, or is Bidenomics working over there? Does anyone believe Karin Jean-Pierre or is she pulling a Goebbels as the US sinks into economic oblivion, while Biden parties in his bunker at taxpayer expense?
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Exposed: Trumps J6 Coup Marching Orders

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Exposed: a staffer comes forward with proof of trumps Jan 6 marching orders, detailing in writing his plans for a coup
Marching orders': Ex-GOP staffer says Trump's fans carry out his violent bidding
Matthew Chapman
November 22, 2023 8:07PM ET
BeLoud Share
'Marching orders': Ex-GOP staffer says Trump's fans carry out his violent bidding
Donald Grump (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)
Former President Donald Trump is explicitly directing his supporters to violence — and escalating over time.

That's the urgent warning offered by former GOP staffer Kurt Bardella on Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat."
We hear really alarming and horrific stuff from Donald Trump all the time, but this latest rhetoric is beyond the pale," said anchor and legal analyst Katie Phang. "Am I an outlier on this?"

"No, it means you have a functioning brain, Katie, and your ears and brain are connected and you're hearing all the things the rest of us normal sane people are hearing," said Bardella.

"Let's be clear here — after January 6th we know that it's not just rhetoric, it's not just performative, it's not just, I guess, entertainment, what some people might want to call it," Bardella continued. "This is real. The people that follow Donald Trump, his most ardent supporters, they hear his words and take them as marching orders take them as directions, and as we saw on January 6th, they act on them."
ALSO READ: A convicted January 6 attacker faces prison. So he went to Mar-a-Lago to see Trump first.

"So this isn't just harmless Donald Trump, oh, that's what he does, it's hyperbole. This is dangerous". "The fact that the Republican Party are willing to whitewash what happened January 6th tells me their plan going forward is, if they don't get their way politically, they'll incite violence against the rest of us."
Watch the video below or at the link right here.

Join Raw Story Investigates. Go AD-Free.
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Democrat Goes on Racist Tirade

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A former Obama-era National Security Council official has been captured in a series of videos using hate-laden and Islamophobic language to taunt a New York City food cart vendor.

The former official, Stuart Seldowitz, confirmed to CNN in an email it is him in the videos, which were recorded by a vendor from inside a food cart on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and appear to be from different days.

In the videos, Seldowitz mocks Islam, taunts the man about his citizenship status, accuses him of supporting Hamas and references the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

“You support killing little children,” Seldowitz says to the vendor in one video. The vendor retorts, “You kill children, not me.”

Seldowitz replies, “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian children, you know what? It wasn’t enough!”

The New York City Police Department told CNN on Tuesday that a commanding officer is aware of the videos and local precinct personnel “are monitoring the situation.”

In one of the videos posted online, Seldowitz tells the vendor, “We’re going to put big signs here saying this guy believes in Hamas.”

In another video, Seldowitz asks the man whether he’s familiar with Egypt’s General Intelligence Service, better known as the Mukhabarat.

“Mukhabarat in Egypt will get your parents,” Seldowitz says to the vendor. “Does your father like his fingernails? They’ll take them out one by one.”

The former government official then holds up his phone, says, “Smile for me,” and laughs.
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How farmer survive crocodile attack afta e bite di animal back

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One Australian farmer wey bite crocodile wey attack am, say im dey lucky to dey alive.

Colin Deveraux na cattle producer wey bin spend one month for hospital afta one saltwater crocodile wey reach 3.2m (10ft) bite am for Northern Territory.

Im tell ABC News say im bite di crocodile eyelid as im dey struggle to survive.

Oga Deveraux say wahala start afta im stop for billabong (lake) as im dey travel to build fencing near di Finniss River last month.

Im bin stop for di lake side afta im notice fish dem wey bin dey swim for di middle of di waters. Afta im step away again, na im di crocodile "grab" im right leg, begin shake am like "rag doll" and pull am inside water.
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Joo Dykes: They banned gay adoption. So we made an escape plan

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Joo Dykes: They banned gay adoption. So we made an escape plan

They banned gay adoption. So we made an escape plan
I live in Mississippi as a lesbian, devout Christian, and Episcopal priest.
By Dr. Susan Hrostowski and Kathy Garner

"Why haven't you two left Mississippi?"

That is a frequent question asked of me, Susan, and my wife Kathy over the years. Truth be told, the thought has crossed our minds. Years ago, we even got maps out and dreamed about where we might want to go.

Ultimately, we chose to stay in Mississippi because we wanted to be a part of the change we knew would come. We wanted our nearly four-decades-long relationship and hard-earned visibility in our community to be a testament to other LGBTQ Mississippians coming after us.