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GOP is eating their own

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Fascist Trump threatened judge

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Trumps cronies making death threats against judge
Engoron stands strong in the face of evil
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A guide to understanding war crimes by Israel

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As Israel’s recent aggression on Gaza pauses after the 48th day, the state has accumulated a long list of what looks like blatant violations of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the law aimed to curb the brutality of war and set universal basic limits to address humanitarian concerns during armed conflict.

Law experts have called out Israel for considering itself above the law and criticizing the drawn-out history of impunity the occupying state continues to enjoy. Before we continue, we must understand that IHL does not stop wars from taking place, instead, it offers restrictions to how it should be carried out. Theoretically, the aim of war must not be to destroy the enemy, but only to overpower their military ability.

The founder of IHL is Henri Dunant, a Swiss businessman, who, en route to France, encountered the Battle of Solferino and witnessed wounded soldiers who were left to die due to lack of help. He set up a makeshift hospital at a church in the village of Solferino and treated the wounded, French or Austrian, without discrimination, with the help of ladies and elderly in the village.

Upon his return, he wrote a book called “The Memory of Solferino” where he proposed an independent entity in each state to protect and care for the wounded during war regardless of which side they come from, and partook in a team to establish the International Red Cross Committee.

The first-ever set of laws entailed that Red Cross Societies along with military medical service, both protected by their medical emblems, must adhere to the duty to respect, protect and care for sick or wounded military. After the world wars, the list of protected persons and the degree to which they were protected were expanded to include prisoners of war, civilians, press correspondents, etc. No one can create special agreements that go against these protections.
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get woke, go broke, only one $200m film will make money this year

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Kroger Sued for Sharing Sensitive Health Data With Meta

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Two proposed federal class action lawsuits, filed in the wake of a Markup investigation, accuse the grocer of disclosing private data through its online store and pharmacy
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Vermont shooter is a white male

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The Vermont shooter of Palestinians is a white male. Not Jewish. Sorry, chuds. He went to Harvard a 70% white university
Vermont Shooting Suspect Interned at Harvard and Taught Children
The suspect accused of shooting three Palestinian college students in Vermont on Saturday night has worked as a farm hand, a Harvard research assistant, and a former ski instructor, according to a resume reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Jason J. Eaton, 48, was arrested Sunday afternoon and charged with three counts of second-degree attempted murder in connection with the shooting. Police say the college students were walking along a Burlington street when the suspect opened fire with a handgun “without speaking.” Afterward, he fled.
The students have been identified as Hisham Awartani, a Brown University student who was shot in the spine; Kinnan Abdalhamid, a Haverford College student who suffered a gunshot wound in the buttock; and Tahseen Aliahmad, a Trinity College student who was shot in the upper chest, according to a Burlington Police probable cause affidavit. Two of the victims are in stable condition, police said, and the third is seriously injured.

Eaton had previously struggled with depression and had Thanksgiving with his family just days earlier, his mother told The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview. “Jason has had a lot of struggles in his life but he is such a kind and loving person,” Mary Reed, his mother, said on Monday. “I am just shocked by the whole thing.”
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Little Chief Approves

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Q* is a consious AI.

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A mysterious new OpenAI model known as Q* has got the tech world talking.
The model is said to have sparked concern at the startup that led to the resulting chaos.
AI experts say the model could be a big step forward but is unlikely to end the world anytime soon.

White privilege

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3% of population control 70% of the wealth
In Vermont, three Palestinians get randomly shot by an unknown "white" assailant and it's business as usual.
In LA, Palestinians protest in front of a wealthy Jewish man's home and it gets investigated as a hate crime
LAPD investigates protest at Brentwood home of AIPAC president as hate crime
Los Angeles police have launched an investigation into a protest Thursday at the Brentwood home of the president of a pro-Israeli lobbying group, with footage on social media showing protesters igniting smoke devices in the street and spattering fake blood on the property.

The incident, which police are investigating as a hate crime, is the latest in Los Angeles after Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, prompting Israel to bombard and invade Gaza, the Palestinian enclave that Hamas controls.

The crisis has roiled Los Angeles, home to large populations of Jews and Palestinians. On Nov. 1, Canter’s Deli, an iconic Jewish restaurant in the Fairfax District, was defaced with antisemitic messages spray-painted below a mural depicting the history of Jews in Los Angeles.
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Pro-putin Republicans blocking Ukraine aid

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