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Trump-appointed Federal Judge blocks White House plan to curb credit card late fees

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A federal judge in Texas has blocked a new government rule that would slash credit card late-payment charges, a centerpiece of the Biden administration's efforts to clamp down on "junk" fees.

Judge Mark Pittman of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas on Friday granted an injunction sought by the banking industry and other business interests to freeze the restrictions, which were scheduled to take effect on May 14.

In his ruling, Pittman cited a 2022 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit that found that funding for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the federal agency set to enforce the credit card rule, is unconstitutional.

The regulations, adopted by the CFPB in March, seek to cap late fees for credit card payments at $8, compared with current late fees of $30 or more. Although a bane for consumers, the fees generate about $9 billion a year for card issuers, according to the agency.

After the CFPB on March 5 announced the ban on what it called "excessive" credit card late fees, the American Bankers Association (ABA) and U.S. Chamber of Commerce filed a legal challenge.

The ABA, an industry trade group, applauded Pittman's decision.

"This injunction will spare banks from having to immediately comply with a rule that clearly exceeds the CFPB's statutory authority and will lead to more late payments, lower credit scores, increased debt, reduced credit access and higher APRs for all consumers — including the vast majority of card holders who pay on time each month," ABA CEO Rob Nichols said in a statement.
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It's Over:Far Right Poll Has Biden Winning by 6 points in Wisconsin.

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Biden leads Trump in Quinnipiac Wisconsin poll

A new poll from Quinnipiac University finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup in Wisconsin, but the two are about even with an expanded field.

The poll found 50% of registered voters backed Biden, compared to 44% who supported Trump.

In a five-person race, Biden was at 40%, Trump 39%, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 12%, Jill Stein 4% and Cornel West 1%.

Eleven percent of those who supported Biden in a head-to-head race backed Kennedy in the expanded field, while 7% went to Stein and 2% to West. The president retained 80% of those who backed him head-to-head with Trump.

The former president, meanwhile, retained 87% of his supporters. Of the rest, 10% went to Kennedy, 1% to West and 1% to Stein.

In the Senate race, the poll found incumbent Dem Tammy Baldwin led GOP challenger Eric Hovde 54-42.

Forty-nine percent said they have a favorable opinion of Baldwin, while 35% had an unfavorable one. Twenty-three percent had a favorable opinion of Hovde, while 25% had a negative one and half said they hadn’t heard enough about him to have an opinion.

The poll of 1,457 registered voters was conducted May 2-6 using random digit dialing with live interviewers calling landlines and cell phones. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.

FiveThirtyEight rates Quinnipiac the country’s 19th best pollster with 2.8 stars out of three.
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great news, nazis might restart the draft and conscript all 18 year olds

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Israeli forces seize Rafah border crossing, choking off vital aid

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Israeli army footage showed tanks rolling through the Rafah crossing complex and the Israeli flag raised on the Gaza side.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said seizing the crossing was a "very significant step" towards its stated aim of destroying Hamas's military capabilities.
Residents reported heavy tank shelling on Tuesday evening in some areas of eastern Rafah.
"They have gone crazy, tanks are firing shells and smoke bombs cover the skies and with smoke over Al-Salam and Jneinah neighborhoods," said Emad Joudat, 55, a Gaza city resident displaced in Rafah.

"I am now seriously thinking of heading north, maybe to the central Gaza area. If they move further into Rafah it will be the mother of massacres," he told Reuters via a chat app.
U.N. and other international aid agencies said the closing of the two crossings into southern Gaza - Rafah and Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom - had virtually cut the enclave off from outside aid and very few stores were available inside.

Red Crescent sources in Egypt said shipments had completely halted.
As well as a key entry point for aid, the crossing was the only exit point for those needing to leave Gaza for medical treatment that is no longer available in the enclave.
Lama Abu Holi, 8, has been in Al-Aqsa hospital for a month, waiting for a chance to leave for treatment for her injured legs.
"Today my name was at the border, and I should travel to get my legs treated," she said, holding a toy in her hospital bed. "They hurt. I am supposed to have an operation. Because the border crossing is shut today, I could not travel."
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black nyc democrat thug ape savagely attacks steve buscemi

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I guess he was playing the knockout game. what a fucking shithole
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Democrat fraud

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It's even more democrat election fraud. 85% of the signatures submitted by Michigan democrat candidate Anil Kumar are fraudulent.
Congressional candidate accused of submitting false signatures

Nominating petitions for Democratic congressional candidate Dr. Anil Kumar are littered with instances of fraud, forgery and error that should prompt state officials to remove him from the primary ballot, according to the campaign manager of one of his opponents.

Kayli McTague, campaign manager for Democratic candidate Emily Busch of Oxford, on April 30 filed a challenge to Kumar’s candidacy claiming 1,645 of the 1,908 signatures that were filed are invalid, putting his candidacy far below the necessary 1,000 valid signatures

“Dr. Kumar’s petition drive shows evidence of extensive forgery or permitted forgery, not only of petition signatures but of circulator certificates, by at least the ten above (reference to a list) circulators,’ McTague says in the challenge obtained by The Macomb Daily.

However, Kumar’s campaign manager, Rick Michaels, vehemently denied the allegation, adding the campaign has filed a response with the state Board of Canvassers, which will determine whether Kumar stays on the ballot.

“We did respond to it with a complete trashing of their allegations,” Michaels said. “We consider the allegations to be a lot of yammering. We completely reject all allegations of fraud and forgery.”

“Southeastern Michigan families deserve competent leadership focused on delivering results for people — not more politicians trying to further stack the deck in favor of the wealthy and elite, and our team is focused on winning this primary and beating John James come November,” she said in a written statement. “At the end of the day, everyone ought to play by the same rules to ensure fairness, transparency, and clarity in the ballot access process.
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Teacher On Bail For Fucking Student, Gets Knocked Up By Another Student

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May 9, 2024

Manchester Teacher Impregnated by One of Her Students While on Bail for Having Sex with Another Student

A teacher in the UK got pregnant by one of her pupils while on bail for having sex with another student, a court heard.

As reported by BBC News, Rebecca Joynes was on bail in connection with grooming a 15-year-old boy and gifting him a 345 pound ($430) designer belt.

The case is being heard by Manchester Crown Court where the 30-year-old teacher is facing trial on six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while in a position of trust. She has denied all the charges.

Joynes was arrested after she allegedly picked up the boy after school in her car and took him to her flat, where they had sex twice. An investigation was initiated against the teacher after rumors started circulating around the school. The teacher was suspended by the school during the investigation. She was subsequently bailed on the condition that she have no unsupervised contact with anyone aged under 18.

"The case was then adjourned to await the rest of the trial, but in the meantime it turned out that Ms Joynes had been in a fairly long-term sexual relationship with another of her 15-year-old pupils," said Prosecutor Joe Allman.

"In due course (Boy B) gave his own account. He said Ms Joynes was his teacher that they were in contact while she was suspended, and that he went to her flat when he was 15. They kissed and then, after he turned 16, they struck up a full sexual relationship from she which ended up pregnant," the lawyer added.

"Of course she can't deny that sexual relationship because she became pregnant with (Boy B's) child and she had (Boy B's) child," said Mr Allman.

The court heard she had told the boy she was unable to conceive. Her trial is scheduled to last two weeks.

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Walls Closed:Art is Dead.

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Art Directors Guild Suspends Training Program: ‘We Cannot in Good Conscience Encourage You to Pursue Our Profession’
A memo sent to prospective applicants cited 75 percent unemployment in the ADG's ranks.
MAY 8, 2024 7:26 PM

Update: The ADG has issued a statement: “Due to an internal technical error, applicants to our Production Design Initiative (PDI) program received an email that had not been edited or fact-checked.” The full statement is at the bottom.

Art Directors Guild is suspending its Production Design Initiative program, designed to give hands-on training and job placement opportunities to those seeking a career in the field, according to an email sent to prospective applicants and acquired by IndieWire. (Read the full statement below.)
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Trump demands 1 billion dollar quid pro que bribe from oil companies

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Inevitably, this once again proves Trump is being bought and solid by the Russians and Saudis.

Donald Trump dangled a brazen “deal” in front of some of the top US oil bosses last month, proposing that they give him $1 billion for his White House re-election campaign and vowing that once back in office he would instantly tear up Joe Biden’s environmental regulations and prevent any new ones, according to a bombshell new report.

According to the Washington Post, the former US president made his jaw-dropping pitch, which the paper described as “remarkably blunt and transactional,” at a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago home and club.

In front of more than 20 executives, including from Chevron, Exxon, and Occidental Petroleum, he promised to increase oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, remove hurdles to drilling in the Alaskan Arctic, and reverse new rules designed to cut car pollution. He would also overturn the Biden administration’s decision in January to pause new natural gas export permits which have been denounced as “climate bombs.”
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