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Donald Trump Brutally Mocked By Joe Biden's Team For Almost Falling On Stage At A Rally

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President Joe Biden's campaign team has trolled Donald Trump after he was caught wobbling embarrassingly while on the stage at a Minnesota rally.

The team took to X, where they shared a clip of the incident. They described the former president as "feeble" and mocked him for going on a tirade about the quality of the stage.

As part of Trump's campaign to promote his re-election bid, the former president recently held a rally in Minnesota.

During his speech, Trump encountered a moment of awkwardness when the podium he grasped tilted, causing the billionaire mogul to wobble embarrassingly on stage.

Angered by the incident, Trump then called out the event organizers for putting up what seemed to be a defective setup.

"You know this is the worst platform, who put this stage up?" he said. "The freaking place is falling down."

A clip of the incident was then shared on X(formerly Twitter) by Biden-Harris HQ and captioned with a statement that trolled Trump.

It read, "A feeble Trump nearly falls down on stage after he leans on his podium too hard and then goes on an angry rant, calling his event workers "crappy."

In the comment section, social media users joined in on the fun, taking shots at Trump for "embarrassing" himself and alleging that the event organizers were underpaid.

One person wrote, "They couldn't get a regular contractor to build it because they knew he wouldn't pay them! Lol." While a second individual commented, "You get what you don't pay for."

Another person quoted the video: "He can't be even a little bit embarrassed or laugh at himself. Unease means lash out at others and direct spotlight away for a moment. It's a tiny example of how his ego drives everything."

Someone else remarked, "You know if you name call the people who do the hard work often enough, you are soon left with no one willing to do the hard work, Orange arse."
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fantastic news: if elected trump will reverse biden tranny school rules

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College President gets puts on leave for Working with Students

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California university president put on leave for ‘insubordination’ after meeting Gaza protesters’ demands
Mike Lee had agreed to move toward divesting from Israel and giving a pro-Palestinian group more sway over campus decisions.

California State University placed Sonoma State campus President Mike Lee on leave Wednesday after he agreed to protesters’ demands to involve them in university decision-making and pursue divestment from Israel.

Lee sent a campus-wide memo Tuesday indicating that he had made several concessions to occupants of a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus. The memo was sent “without the appropriate approvals,” CSU Chancellor Mildred García said in a statement, adding that she and the 23-campus CSU system’s board are “actively reviewing the matter.”

"For now, because of this insubordination and the consequences it has brought upon the system, President Lee has been placed on administrative leave,” García said.

The punishment marks perhaps the harshest disciplinary action against a campus chancellor or president in California over the handling of protests of the war in Gaza. It also underscores an unwillingness to divest from Israeli weapons manufacturers — as pro-Palestinian protesters across the country have increasingly demanded the last few months — among leaders of the CSU system and its sister University of California system.
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gun control worlds 66 year old british woman stabbed by refugee

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The Big Guy's Not Doing So Good, Bros.

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Without whoring out his son to the highest bidding, corrupt Ukrainian oligarch or Chinese party member, Biden is struggling financially and no one is buying his books.

Joe Biden is carrying debt of up to $815,000, financial records show, as it's revealed he and First Lady Jill also failed to net royalties from three of their book titles due to lackluster sales

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are carrying a personal debt of up to $815,000, their financial records show, and no one is buying the president's books.

Most of the couple's debt is the mortgage on their Delaware home and an equity loan on that home. Additionally their debt consists of a term loan of about $15,000 and a loan against a mutual fund for about $50,000.

In total, the Bidens reported assets between roughly $1 million and $2.6 million and liabilities between roughly $350,000 and $850,000, according to an Office of Government Ethics form that lists ranges rather than precise figures.

The Bidens' financial records, along with those of Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff, are required to be made public annually under the Ethics in Government Act, which was introduced to prevent any conflicts of interest.

In his form, President Biden reveals he has had no royalties from his two books: 'Promises to Keep' and 'Promise Me, Dad' this year.
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House Passes Bill Banning Holocaust Denial, Other Antisemitic Conspiracies

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Ebrahim Raisi Reported Dead

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Ebrahim Raisi is being reported dead by inside sources.
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AOC Reveals Darker Intentions Behind MTG Hearing Chaos

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed Friday that the GOP-led House Oversight Committee abdicated normal procedures after the panel devolved into mudslinging, sparked by a characteristically bizarre outburst by Marjorie Taylor Greene. In fact, AOC explained, the chaotic House hearing was part of a “structured GOP outcome.”

The committee was holding a markup meeting regarding Republican efforts to advance contempt proceedings against Attorney General Merrick Garland for refusing to produce confidential recordings between President Biden and special counsel Robert Hur.

During the Thursday night meeting, MTG spontaneously launched into a bizarre line of questioning at her Democratic colleagues, asking if any of them employ the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, a favored attack from Trump that landed him a gag order that conservative politicians have been intentionally circumventing during his hush-money trial.

Democratic Representative Jasmine Crockett asked Greene, whose comments had derailed the hearing, “Do you know what we’re here for?” In response, Greene insulted Crockett’s appearance, saying “I don’t think you know what you’re here for. I think your fake eyelashes are messing up what you’re reading.”

Greene’s attack prompted a response from Ocasio-Cortez, who admonished the far-right loudmouth and unsuccessfully moved to have Greene’s comments struck, calling Greene’s rhetoric “absolutely unacceptable.”

The following day, Ocasio-Cortez took to X (formerly Twitter) to break down how Greene’s outburst overshadowed—and aided—what Ocasio-Cortez describes as a “microcosm of what authoritarians do on a larger scale.”

Thanks to MTG’s meltdown, the vote to initiate contempt proceedings against Garland was successful.
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Biden demands Texas reopen the border

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Biden demands Texas reopens it's border after the state reduced illegal border crossings by nearly 60%
The 18-inch deep river would only be federal jurisdiction if they could prove it's a commercial waterway, so Biden's lawyers argue that the rio grande is in fact a commercial waterway because they could "imagine a lot of border streams and creeks where you could have friends ferrying Girl Scout cookies in a small rowboat"
Biden administration, Texas duel in US appeals court over floating migrant barrier

May 15 (Reuters) - The Biden administration on Wednesday urged a U.S. appeals court to rule that Texas cannot keep a 1,000-foot-long floating barrier in the Rio Grande, one in a series of measures taken by the Republican-led state to deter illegal border crossings.

The full New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments for about an hour in an appeal by Texas of a judge's ruling that said the state needed the federal government's permission before installing the buoys last July.

The case is part of a larger battle between the administration of President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and Republican officials in Texas and other states who say the federal government has failed to address a recent increase in illegal border crossings from Mexico.

Wednesday's arguments focused on whether the area of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas where the barrier was placed is under state or federal control. Under a U.S. environmental law called the Rivers and Harbors Act, the federal government would have the authority if the area were navigable for commercial purposes.

Lanora Pettit, a lawyer for Texas, said the U.S. border with Mexico, is as little as 18 inches deep in that area and there is no history of commercial use of the waterway.

"The Rio Grande is little more than a creek with an excellent publicist," Pettit said.
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Corrupt Democrat PoS

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Corrupt Democrat Menendez and his lawyer Weitzman are trying to blame all of his corruption on his wife.
Typical for democrats, these scumbags are claiming that NJ Senator Bob Menendez, was totally innocent the whole time, and all the bribes that were found in their house were collected by his cancer-afflicted wife without his knowledge

These people are literally human scum
5 Takeaways From the First Week of Robert Menendez’s Corruption Trial
A lawyer for the New Jersey senator pinned much of the blame on his wife.

Senator Robert Menendez’s bribery trial got underway this week in a Manhattan courtroom eight months after he was first indicted on corruption charges. Jurors received a photographic tour of the New Jersey senator’s home, touched the gold bars at the heart of the case and heard a lawyer for Mr. Menendez pin much of the blame on the senator’s wife.

The government has brought a complicated set of accusations against Mr. Menendez, 70. He is charged with accepting cash, gold and other gifts in exchange for doing favors for the governments of Egypt and Qatar and for several allies in New Jersey.

But this week, prosecutors started simply. “This case is about a public official who put greed first,” said Lara Pomerantz, an assistant U.S. attorney. “A public official who put his own interests above his duty to the people. Who put his power up for sale.”

Two businessmen, Fred Daibes and Wael Hana, are on trial with Mr. Menendez, accused of plying him with bribes. The senator’s wife, Nadine Menendez, is also charged; her trial has been delayed. All four have pleaded not guilty.

Jurors get to hold one kilogram of gold.
The government’s first witness, Aristotelis Kougemitros, an F.B.I. special agent, took the stand on Thursday to testify about the gold, jewelry and cash seized
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