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Financial news: the economy

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Mays job report hits home.
Biden is destroying America. YoY, full time employment has plummeted, and part time employment has boomed.
1317000 full time jobs were lost and 1553000 part time jobs were gained!
The net employment figures biden's admin is touting is literally all people working part time or needing to take on a second job!
Full-Time Jobs Vanish While Americans Race To Take Up Part-Time Work

Americans took up part-time jobs in huge numbers in May as full-time jobs evaporate under President Joe Biden’s economy, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released Friday.

There were around 133.3 million people employed in the U.S. in May with full-time jobs, 625,000 less than the month before, while the number of people employed in part-time jobs surged by 286,000 to just over 28 million, according to the BLS. The total number of American workers collapsed by 408,000 as a result of the loss in part-time jobs to 161 million.

Buried near the bottom of table A-9 of the government's employment situation summary are the numbers for full- and part-time workers, with 35-or-more hours as the arbitrary divide between the two categories. The source is the monthly current population survey (CPS) of households. The focus is on total hours worked regardless of whether the hours are from a single or multiple jobs

The Labor Department has been collecting this since 1968, a time when only 13.5% of US employees were part-timers. Over 55 years later, the total number of part-time workers has reached 17.4%.

Here is a visualization of the trend in the 21st century, with the percentage of full-time employed on the left axis and the part-time employed on the right.
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A new poll published Sunday found that more than half of independent voters and so-called “double haters” ― those who don’t align with either major presidential candidate ― think former President Donald Trump should cease his campaign following his conviction in his hush money trial.

The ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 52% of independents felt that way, as did 67% of those who dislike both Trump and President Joe Biden. Voters from both groups, especially those in swing states, will be key in deciding the outcome in what appears to be an incredibly close presidential race.

The polling comes just days after a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty of 34 felonies. With that, he became the first former president to be convicted on criminal charges.

The results also show that 23% of independents have a favorable view of Trump, the presumed GOP nominee for president, following his conviction, and that no double haters do. Those figures were similar for Biden.
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Donald Trump's Chances of Winning 2024 Election Damaged by Guilty Verdict

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The odds of Donald Trump winning the 2024 presidential election fell after he was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records on Thursday, making him the first former president in American history with criminal felony convictions.

But many are still backing him to win.

U.K. bookies Betfair slashed the odds on a Trump victory in November from 5/6 (54 percent), immediately before the ruling, to 21/20 (49 percent) after it was announced. Correspondingly the odds of Biden winning increased from 9/5 (36 percent), before, to 6/4 (40 percent) after.

Trump falsified business records in order to hide from the 2016 presidential electorate a payment of $130,000 in hush money to former porn star Stormy Daniels, the jury found. After the guilty verdict at Manhattan Criminal Court, Trump branded the trial "rigged," claiming it was overseen by "a conflicted judge who was corrupt." The former president is widely expected to appeal.

Betfair said Trump's conviction caused a surge in bets on the next U.S. president. It took £638,000 ($814,400) stake money in 24 hours, around half of which was from punters backing the presumptive Republican candidate. Thus far, more than £19 million ($24.3 million) has been bet on the outcome of November's contest with Betfair.

Spokesperson Sam Rosbottom told Newsweek: "Despite huge questions around the ex-president's future, his eligibility to vote and potential jail time, punters remain convinced he is the man who'll be in the White House after November 5."
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17 Year Old "Instagram Model" Vawmpyr Caught Messing with a 13 Year Old Boy

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A creator named SkarletReaper, made a video about Vawmpyr, a 17 year old e-girl, exposing her predatory behavior, and her past activities including a friend of hers, a Soundcloud rapper by the name of Jvin, for posting his meat stick in a Discord server involving minors

The video can be seen here

indian run youtube makes rules against guns stricter after letter from anti Amrican communist bragg

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Kanye West sued for harassment by ex-assistant

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Kanye West is being sued for sexual harassment, breach of contract and wrongful termination by a woman who worked as his assistant for two years.

In a lawsuit, Lauren Pisciotta alleges the star sent her lewd texts and performed sex acts while on the phone with her, according to US media.

She claims she was fired in 2022, but that a $3 million (£2.4 million) severance package was never paid.

The BBC has contacted West's lawyer for a response to her allegations, but has yet to receive a reply.

The lawsuit was first reported in the US by TMZ, and later confirmed by Rolling Stone, The Wrap and US Weekly, which says court papers were filed on Monday in the US.

The BBC has so far been unable to verify the filing.

According to the documents, Pisciotta was primarily supporting herself via an OnlyFans profile in 2021 when she met West.

She says he hired her to work on the first season of his Yeezy women’s fashion line, and they ended up collaborating on three tracks from his Donda album (Pisciotta does not have any formal credits on the record, however).

West subsequently hired Pisciotta as his personal assistant, with an annual salary of $1 million (£780,000), on the condition that she was available "24-7". She says she agreed to the terms.
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Florida cities fly Pride flags after the GOP’s failed attempt to ban them

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After Florida Republicans tried unsuccessfully to pass a law banning government buildings from flying Pride flags earlier this year, several cities around the state hoisted the rainbow stripes over the weekend to mark the start of Pride Month.

Late last year, state Rep. David Borrero (R) introduced legislation banning flags “that represent a political viewpoint, including, but not limited to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology viewpoint.” H.B. 901 would have banned such flags not only from schools but from flying above government buildings and universities.

But the bill died during the most recent legislative session, leaving local governments free to fly Pride flags this month.

On Friday, the city of St. Petersburg got an early start to Pride Month, raising the Progress Pride flag at City Hall. U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL), state Reps. Lindsay Cross (D) and Michele Rayner (D), Mayor Ken Welch (D), and the St. Petersburg City Council were on hand for the flag-raising ceremony.

“Together, by raising the Pride flag at City Hall, our city boldly and unapologetically acts on its commitment to inclusivity, the celebration of diversity, and the simple but profound idea that people should have the freedom to love who they love,” Cross said. “This is in stark contrast to attempts at the state level to stifle our celebrations and to dim the light of beautiful members of our community.”

Cross noted the proposed flag ban and her vote against it. “Gratefully, due to the loud and proud voices that opposed the bill, it did not pass,” she said. “So, this year, as we stand under this Pride flag, we celebrate this small but important victory. Because we should not live in fear of repercussions from safe self-expression.”
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Hamas says it 'positively' views Gaza ceasefire proposal set out by Biden

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Biden just ended the Gaza War

GAZA, May 31 (Reuters) - Palestinian Islamist group Hamas on Friday said it had a positive view of the contents of a three-phase ceasefire proposal announced by U.S. President Joe Biden for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
"Hamas confirms its readiness to deal positively and in a constructive manner with any proposal that is based on the permanent ceasefire and the full withdrawal [of Israeli forces] from the Gaza Strip, the reconstruction [of Gaza], and the return of the displaced to their places, along with the fulfilment of a genuine prisoner swap deal if the occupation clearly announces commitment to such deal," the group said in a statement.
Hamas' position signals a change in attitude from the group, which in recent months had accused the U.S. of siding with Israel and obstructing attempts for a ceasefire.

"Hamas sees Biden's position now more focused on pressuring Israel to return to negotiations with a different attitude, or they (Israel) could risk clashing with the Americans," a Palestinian official close to the mediation efforts told Reuters.
Rifts between Biden and Netanyahu over red lines in Gaza has set up a potential showdown between the two leaders, raising questions about whether the U.S. might restrict military aid if Israel continues its offensive in the now-devastated enclave.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said that Israel had authorized negotiators to present a Gaza truce deal after Biden revealed details of the ceasefire plan.

Palestinian health authorities estimate more than 36,280 people have been killed in Gaza since Israel attacked the enclave in response to an Oct. 7 Hamas assault in southern Israel. The Hamas attack killed around 1,200 people, according to Israeli tallies.
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$320m Biden Pier in Gaza sinking

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The $320m Biden Pier was sabotaged by Israel for distributing aid and is now sinking into the sea after just 2 weeks of use
Is Joe Biden $320 Million Gaza Pier Sinking? What We Know

Afloating pier on the shores of the Gaza Strip, set up to provide a lifeline to the Palestinian territory, has faced a rocky start, with one report claiming that it was "sinking."

President Joe Biden announced the project in March to help transport supplies to the territory, which has been hit by Israel's bombardment, as it fights a war against Hamas prompted by the militant group's surprise October 7 attack on southern Israel.

Amid international calls for the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow more humanitarian assistance into the territory, aid groups have started using the pier to distribute aid, but use of the facility has not gone smoothly.

What Is the Gaza Floating Pier?
The construction of the floating pier and its causeway, or Trident section, anchored to the Gaza shore adjacent to the north of the Netzarim corridor, was completed May 10.

Two months earlier, Biden announced the pier with the hope of averting famine in northern Gaza by providing seaborne access for assistance, as calls grew for Israel to ease access for relief supplies into the territory via land routes.

The Pentagon said the project involved about 1,000 U.S. service members, mostly from the Army and Navy. One U.S. defense official told Reuters the cost had risen to $320 million—double the original estimate from earlier this yea

What Are the Problems?
Video posted on social media by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Monday showed the American pier "sinking in the water," The Jewish Press reported, although it is unclear how much of the structure, which was bobbing up and down, was under water. The soldier who shot the video is overheard saying: "This is what happens when you help the enemy."

Trump Just Sold His $10M Jet to One of His Iranian Megadonors amid steep legal fees

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After nearly half a billion dollars in legal judgments against him this year, Donald Trump’s company opted to offload one of his private jets this month, public filings show. And the buyer is a Republican megadonor who poured nearly $250,000 into a political committee tied to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

The plane, a 1997 Cessna jet, is worth in the range of $10 million, according to evoJets, though terms of the transaction couldn’t be confirmed.

Federal Aviation Administration records show that on May 13, the aircraft’s registration changed from the Trump Organization’s DT Air Corp to a Texas entity called MM Fleet Holdings LLC. State records tie that company to Mehrdad Moayedi, an Iranian-American construction and development tycoon who lives near Dallas and runs Centurion American Custom Homes.

According to his biography, Moayedi founded his company in 1990 and has since built thousands of homes. Centurion says it partners with both public and private entities.

Moayedi is also a Trump donor. Federal campaign finance data show that in 2019 and 2020, he gave a combined $245,000 to Trump Victory—a committee that raised money for the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and state GOP parties—sending the maximum allowable $5,600 contribution to the campaign.

Moayedi has also given hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of other GOP candidates and committees, including the RNC, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Nikki Haley. In 2022, the developer made a maximum primary donation of $2,900 to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona independent who has raked in big bucks from the real estate industry and is accused by some Democrats of being overly accommodating to Republicans.
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