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Dine and dash family

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Family dine and dash in Swansea, getting children involved is what's makes it even more scummy. Making a child stay while the whole family "gets the credit card" from the car and then the kid running away is honestly a crazy plan.

MAGA Pro-Putin American Fighting Against Ukraine Gets Kidnapped and Killed by Russians

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Russell Bentley, a 64-year-old American who has been fighting with pro-Russian fighters against Ukraine since 2014, was kidnapped and killed, according to his battalion and Russian media reports.

Russell, who was known by his call sign “Texas,” died in Donetsk, Margarita Simonyan, the head of pro-Kremlin RT, said in a Telegram post.

“He fought there for our people,” Simonyan said. “Terrible. Kingdom of heaven.”

The battalion he worked in, “Vostok,” confirmed he died in a social media post Friday.

“Russell Bentley was killed,” the battalion said. “We have to agree that such people and their cover-ups make evil banal.”

An official from Donetsk confirmed Bentley died, adding that Bentley’s wife informed him of the death.

Bentley had gone missing earlier this month after reportedly going to help after a Ukrainian strike in Donetsk, according to local police. He and his wife had been in line to deal with some administrative documents, when he went to go help. But when his wife went looking for him she only found his car, with his baseball cap, glasses, and a broken phone, according to news outlet Mash.
>His colleagues had reportedly suspected him of being a western spy.

Americans have for years been going to Ukraine to fight in the war. Since Russia invaded Ukraine again in 2022, Americans have joined foreign fighter legions to help Ukraine defend against Russia’s unprompted invasion, including Trevor Reed, the U.S. Marine who was freed from Russian prison, as The Daily Beast reported.
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We need to take a pedophile down

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Jacknjellify have evaded justice for far too long.


transphobia money laundering,

they are yet to pay for their crimes.
Do whatever you can, mass reports, doxxing, calling the feds, THEY. NEED. TO. PAY.


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House Approves $95 Billion Aid Bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan
After months of delay at the hands of a bloc of ultraconservative Republicans, the package drew overwhelming bipartisan support, reflecting broad consensus.

The House voted resoundingly on Saturday to approve $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, as Speaker Mike Johnson put his job on the line to advance the long-stalled aid package by marshaling support from mainstream Republicans and Democrats.

In four back-to-back votes, overwhelming bipartisan coalitions of lawmakers approved fresh rounds of funding for the three U.S. allies, as well as another bill meant to sweeten the deal for conservatives that could result in a nationwide ban of TikTok.

The scene on the House floor reflected both the broad support in Congress for continuing to help the Ukrainian military beat back Russia, and the extraordinary political risk taken by Mr. Johnson to defy the anti-interventionist wing of his party who had sought to thwart the measure. Minutes before the vote on assistance for Kyiv, Democrats began to wave small Ukrainian flags on the House floor, as hard-right Republicans jeered.
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Trump Trial Self-Immolator Posted Dizzying Manifesto Online

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>The man who doused himself with accelerant and set himself ablaze outside Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial on Friday published an online manifesto, declaring that he self-immolated to warn the world about an “apocalyptic fascist world coup.”

>The self-immolating conspiracy theorist was identified by cops as Max Azzarello, a 37-year-old from St. Augustine, Florida, who was in critical condition on Friday afternoon. He declared online that his act was an “extreme act of protest ... to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery.”

>His Substack manifesto is a dizzying document that rails against cryptocurrency, New York University, the Clintons, and the world’s governments—warning readers that they are “victims of a totalitarian con” akin to a massive Ponzi scheme.

He mentions that Peter Thiel, famed billionaire homosexual immigrant, is behind much of the worlds suffering and it kind of makes sense seeing how evil Peter Thiel is.
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28 percent of Gen Z "identify" as LGBTQ

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Only 2 years ago it was 20 percent. Most of it is the Bisexual/something else category. We all know its complete bullshit but who wants to risk losing their jobs over something so retarded?

Nearly a third, or 28%, of Gen Z adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, a larger share than older generations, according to a new report by PRRI, a nonprofit that conducts research on religion, values and public policy.

The report, titled “A political and cultural glimpse into America’s future,” sought to highlight the cultural and political views of Gen Z adults, compared with older Americans.

Researchers surveyed more than 6,600 people ages 13 to over 65, with oversamples of Gen Z adults and teens between August 21 to September 15, 2023.

The report found about 16% of Millennials and 7% of Baby Boomers identify as LGBTQ. But among Gen Z adults ages 18–25, 72% identified as straight, 15% as bisexual, 5% as gay or lesbian and 8% as “something else,” according to the report.

About 20% of Americans are Gen Z, according to PRRI.

When asked about their political ideology, the report found 43% of Gen Z adults identified as liberal – a larger share than all other generational groups.

Thirty-nine percent of Millennials, 25% of Gen X adults, and 25% of Baby Boomers identified as liberal, according to PRRI.
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MAGAworld PANICS as betting odds shift in Biden's favor.

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Joe Biden Is Now Favorite Over Donald Trump in Four Swing States
Published Apr 18, 2024 at 8:31 AM EDT
Updated Apr 18, 2024 at 8:32 AM EDT

Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in four swing states, the latest betting odds show.

According to Polymarket, an online prediction platform where users can place yes or no bets on world events, the incumbent president will beat Trump, the former president and presumptive Republican nominee, in November's vote in Pennsylvania (58 percent to 42 percent), Nevada (58 percent to 41 percent), Michigan (57 percent to 44 percent) and Wisconsin (52 percent to 47 percent.)

Biden won all of them in the 2020 presidential election, but they are all known as battleground states that could go either way when voters go to the polls in November. Newsweek contacted representatives for Trump and Biden by email to comment on this story.

Trump's victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin in 2016 helped him win the White House, but he only beat Hillary Clinton in the three states by a combined 83,161 votes.

In contrast, Biden won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin by a combined 255,425 votes in 2020, more than tripling Trump's margin of victory. Wisconsin, which Biden won by 20,682 votes, was the only one of the three states decided by less than 1 percentage point.
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Far-right Republican White Man Self-Immolates for Trump

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Federal Judge Issues Warning That Trump and Republicans Could Stage Another Coup d'etat

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A Washington, D.C., judge issued a dire warning Friday about the effects of the January 6 attack.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan sentenced Scott Miller, a former Proud Boys leader who fought with multiple police officers while trying to storm the Capitol building, to 66 months in prison. This is one of the longest sentences that Chutkan has given. She cited Miller’s actions at the Capitol, as well as evidence that he held Nazi beliefs and thought that Washington, D.C., residents should be executed.

Previously, the longest sentences Chutkan had handed down related to the insurrection were 63 months long, given to two other violent offenders at the Capitol. Chutkan described the storming of the Capitol as “close to as serious a crisis as this nation has ever faced.”

“It can happen again,” Chutkan, who is expected to preside over Donald Trump’s criminal trial for trying to overturn the 2020 election, said Friday. “Extremism is alive and well in this country. Threats of violence continue unabated.”

Those threats have become normalized in Republican discourse, with right-wing figures across the country invoking violence and urging their supporters to arm themselves. The man behind it all, Donald Trump, has yet to face any consequences thanks to the Supreme Court holding up his case over questions of presidential immunity.
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Wait a minute, was the Trump-Russia thing not a hoax...?

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I look forward to reading the Fox News and Newsmax article on this.

GOP operative’s conviction over illegal Russian contributions to Trump campaign upheld
The Hill
April 20, 2024 at 2:01 PM

A GOP political operative’s conviction over steering illegal Russian contributions to former President Trump’s 2016 campaign was upheld by a federal appeals court on Friday.

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the appeal of Jesse Benton, a veteran political operative.

Benton was convicted in late 2022. He had been charged with helping to orchestrate an illegal donation to the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) for a Russian national, Roman Vasilenko.

Benton’s consulting firm received $100,000. The operative created a fake invoice on which he said the fee was for consulting. He then arranged for Vasilenko to meet with Trump at a fundraiser without revealing his nationality to the campaign or the former president, according to court documents.

Benton kept $75,000 for himself and used the remaining $25,000 to contribute to the campaign, according to a Justice Department release. He listed himself as a contributor for the donation, concealing the actual source of the funds when filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
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