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Cat Thread?

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Cat thread because why not? I never checked this board before today despite having a pass for about a year now so i thought why not make a cat thread.

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Me trying to figure out how to make a resume to aplly for jobs hahaha
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NTR bait threads on /a/

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Please mods, do something about them. They don't even try to hide, they just post cropped up h-manga images to degrade tomboy and other vanilla threads. NTR belongs on /h/ and /d/. Please move those bait threads from /a/.
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buzz buzz
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there was a thread on page 11 where the poster states he does not like anime so i am posting an anime thread to remove that thread from the catalog

/chsrg/ - Comfy Honkai Star Rail General

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Bad: >>447607681


>1.3 Summary

>TGS 2023 Video: Grasp the Stars


>Fu Xuan Trailer - "Omniscia Spares None"

>Keeping Up With Star Rail - "Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster"
>Current Character Banner (Foreseen, Foreknown, Foretold || Fu Xuan + Lynx, Hook, Pela)

>Current Light Cone Banner (Brilliant Fixation || She Already Shut Her Eyes (Preservation))

>Daily check-in

>Redeemable Codes

>/hsrg/ Tools & Resources

>Frequently Asked Questions

>/hsrg/ New Friend List

>/hsrg/ Thread Template

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For the love of GODDDD add VP9 support or up the size limit for people with a pass.

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Unironically, are there any discussion board type websites that are Americans-only? I’m so sick of all the Eurofags and worse here. I wouldn’t care if they just participated in the threads like everyone else, but for whatever reason they feel the need to constantly seethe about the US and shoehorn that into every discussion they participate in. It’s tiring. Thanks in advance