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U. S. reestablishment of the Nazi regime

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It has become more and more obvious that the U. S. Government, or large parts of it, are attempting to reestablish the psychopathic Nazi regime.
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Hi, I would like to introduce all of you guys about my country India and clear up some of the misconceptions that are either deliberately or out of shared ignorance propagated into the collective subconscious of the internet while also presenting some of my own theories as to why India gets a lot of hate particularly from the western world.

/ggig/ - Good Genshin Impact General

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Bad thread: >>>/vg/443318503

>4.0 TCG Tournament Registration Form

>Event "Relic Records: Creations of the Hydro Nation" live until August 28

>Current character banner: Lyney, Yelan, Lynette, Bennett, Barbara

>Current weapon banner: The First Great Magic (Bow), Aqua Simulacra (Bow)

>Daily check-in rewards (permanent)

>Redeemable Codes (all regions):

>Useful Links (Wiki, BannerSim, Maps, Guides, etc.)

/gig/ OP pastebin (use this if making new thread):
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Anti-Zionist here(Under Duress)

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I am in the U.S. being oppressed by the zionists.
Is there anyone out there?
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Is coffee good for you?

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hot take

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I don't think pass users should be bannable from all boards over minor shit.
Since we pay to post, it should exclusively be bans from the board where the offense took place.
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You want to play videos game?

New 4chan Boards?

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ITT: Board recommendations

It's been a while since we've had a new board, I think it's time to add one. @hiro @admin @RapeApe.

/reg/ - Religion and Spirituality. /x/ isn't a good platform for more "serious" discussion of these topics, and spirituality is really blowing up in the mainstream adjacent sphere with neo-buddhist thought from the Qualia Research Institute, and with youtubers like Religion for Breakfast. Lots of people are curious about the foundations of religion dating back to the proto-indoeuropeans (PIE), the philosophy of religion, and spirituality in everyday life. Not to mention the huge population of people interested in historical Catholicism on 4chan.

/med/ - Medicine. This board would be fucking hilarious I think. It might even be helpful to a good number of people. It could be home to serious discussion on nutrition and diet, supplements worth taking, Ray Peat, Attia, and Huberman discussion. Actual medical doctors could "verify" with the mods in order to receive a special signature similar to the 4chan pass signature. Imagine all the stupid medical problems people would discuss lol. "I only ate peanuts for a week now I am shitting blood! Help!!"

/arch/ - Architecture and Urban Design. This board would have a healthy amount of discussion related to Strong Towns, Not Just Bikes, and the growing Walkability / 10 minute towns movement. There could be generals on using software like archicad or Rhino for rendering of architectural concepts that anons want to build. My only concern with this board is that /gd/ is currently a failed project, however I think there's far more mainstream interest in the topics of /arch/ compared to graphic design.
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