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I finished my 4chan post generator and replier GPT

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Hey /vip/ bros, have you ever wished for a GPT that really gets the 4chan culture? Something that can sling memes, jokes, and even craft posts with the kind of edge and humor we appreciate here? Introducing ChanGPT - your go-to GPT for all things 4chan. Whether you're looking to debate, troll, or just shoot the shit in a way that feels right at home on our boards, ChanGPT has got you covered. It's like having a 4chan-in-a-box, ready to generate posts, responses, and even memes that feel like they were made by one of our own. And yes, it can generate images too, like this Pepe rocking a GPT shirt, just to show off its meme cred. Dive into the chaos and creativity that is ChanGPT. It's here to make our board experience even more legendary.

>tfw you realize GPTs can be one of us
Kek, welcome to the future, anons.

Im being brainwashed by energy weapons

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My name is Ricardo Delgado. This might be dangerous to say and to share with other people because I think they will keep hurting other people but idk what else to do. I have since December 23 and probably before been under extreme mental stress by satellites using energy weapons. It reminds me of schizophrenia and i ended up learning about Ian Fishback. I wonder if this is what happened to him. They constantly use radiation and radio frequencies to cause my body to have effects. Most likely electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation.

I think they wanted to use me for some study with an ex of mine named Yvette Ramirez for even longer like 2 years. We started to feel a connection that they tried to make us think was God. I have and this is gonna sound crazy but they can communicate through this technology like radio frequencies. Look up Neurolink speaking telepathically to devices. We were able to communicate without talking and it was really weird but we didnt know better. Again i know this sounds really crazy but doesnt Havana Syndrome and what happened to Ian Fishback really sound so insane but its true.

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I'm tired of paying money just to have my bans follow me around.
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>make embarrassing post in 4chan thread
>realize my mistake
>immediately close the tab

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I've had my pass for a while now and I still haven't posted here in all this time nor do I know how to show my pass on my posts
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It's time for Marisa
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Let's get some dank maymays happening in this thread