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Final Fantasy XIV Online

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We're playing videogame together.
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is there any replacement to 4chan pass get to not use shitty crypto?
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Got pass.

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What do you people even do?
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Here's a ChatGPT prompt I made and refined with the purpose of generating fake 4chan posts/replies without sounding like an AI chatbot. It knows how to use typical 4chan lingo and sound like a regular poster, and has the ability to understand the context of a thread or an image attached to the post. I plan to make an improved version with more customisability, but this is one I've been using for a few weeks and it gets pretty good results, and never gets called out for being an AI.

I'll post an example of it in action below.

Enjoy, my /vip/ friends! I will not share this anywhere else.
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Time Capsule thread

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My 3 passes expire in a few days, finally. I bought them at a low point in life, you have to be at a really low point in life when you're paying to post on this site of all places. I wasn't sure I was going to live to see them expire but I promised to myself that if I did, I'd quit this damn site at least for a while. That time has come, it's nothing personal against you guys or even the jannies that oppress me. I just need some time away especially with yet another US election coming up. It's going to be absolute hell in here for the next year or so, I know that for sure.

I'd suggest you all run away with me but I know most of you won't. If you do stay, I just have a favor to ask. Try to keep this thread alive for as long as you can. Use it for whatever, doesn't matter. I just think it'd be sweet to see it still up whenever I come back as a reminder of the old times. If it's not, I can at least view the archive and see the slow, painful descent into cancer that will occur over the next few years.
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/balt/ - /vip/ edition thread

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/vip/ should have a unique board culture
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I thought rangeban is only temporary?