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hell yea

Asuka General

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/vip/ is rightful Asukachad clay!
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Do you like vocaloid music? Here's a song I like:
Utaite (human) covers don't count
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Is it possible for jannies/mods to identify you? Can they see your IP range, pass info, etc?

Genocide Joe

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/vip/ should have a unique board culture
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rupert update
thanks for viewing this rupert update
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>make embarrassing post in 4chan thread
>realize my mistake
>immediately close the tab

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>can't pay with your own crypto wallet anymore
>can't even pay with credit card

I already doxed myself enough to be able to buy and send crypto on robinhood, let me pay with my own crypto wallet or fix the credit card option.

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I wasted $20
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