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>can't pay with your own crypto wallet anymore
>can't even pay with credit card

I already doxed myself enough to be able to buy and send crypto on robinhood, let me pay with my own crypto wallet or fix the credit card option.

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what board are you from?
what's your favourite board?
what do you think of the other boards?

I'm an /out/ist and /extraflag/ger
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>since4pass does not work during the april fools event
They need to revamp the pass benefits.
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Anyone else here super lonely??
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I was banned from /tv/ for posting about a TV show.

Fucking haters.

PHoto Size

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I remember not too long ago if I was using my iphone on this site, if I loaded a photo, it would give me the option to change teh size to small, medium, large, actual .

This was very useful when some photos were >4mb, as it made posting very easy. This feature seems to be gone. Is there any other option?


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@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom
>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>TrumpAd: Joe Biden's Plan: Surrender 9/29/20
>Pres Trump 1st Presidential Debate w/Joe Biden 9/29/20 (C-SPAN) (Campaign) (FoxNews)
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in Cleveland OH 9/29/20
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania depart DC 9/29/20
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania depart WH 9/29/20
>VP Pence on FoxNews 9/29/20
>VP Pence/2ndLady Karen @Meadow Spring Farm MAGA Debate Watch Party in Lititz PA 9/29/20
>WHCoS Meadows on Dobbs 9/29/20
>PressSec Kayleigh on Dobbs 9/29/20
>PressSec Kayleigh on FoxNews 9/29/20
>PressSec Kayleigh on OAN 9/29/20
>Judge Amy Coney Barrett meets w/VP Pence &Senate Majority Ldr Turtleman 9/29/20
>Judge Amy Coney Barrett meets w/Senators 9/29/20
>Bannon on JohnFredericksShow 9/29/20

OP pastebin:
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Anyone else get this?

Jill Biden is a Skanky WHORE

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Jill Biden is a Skanky, ugly-ass WHORE married to a traitor.
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