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It's a cool place

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And they say it gets colder.
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Jenny Jeungman

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Jenny Jeungman
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this is a test thread

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please ignore
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I need help. My 4chan pass isn't working on /biz/ on my iPad. It does work on /pol, but for some reason, it does not on /biz. It was fine before until I switched IPs. Please help, I don't want to be a CHUD, I want to be a BUSINESSMAN

Recommendation for "The child with a half-open mouth"

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Today I would like to take a look at "The child with a half-open mouth."

No, what do you mean by "a child whose mouth is half open"?

This refers to the scene in which Liella!'s new member Kinako Sakurakoji is shown with her mouth half-open on the screen. It's a cute point.

Kinako Sakurakoji seems to have a habit of naturally opening her mouth half-open when she is surprised, and she is clearly seen with her mouth half-open more often than other members. I think you can enjoy the Superstar!! anime more by keeping this in mind.
Today we will be looking at the charm of such a child with a half-open mouth, so please stay with us until the end.


[Definition of OHK]
Episode 1 “Welcome to Liella!”
Episode 2 "2nd year and 1st year"
Episode 3 “Winner Candidate”
Episode 4 “Two people in the science room”
Episode 5 “Manny is the world that revolves”
Episode 6 “DEKKAIDOW!”
Episode 7 “UR Hazuki Koi”
Episode 8 “Chance Way”
Episode 9 “For Victory”
Episode 10 “Song that resonates in Shibuya”
[Extra edition and summary]

Please note: This important news was translated from Japanese! Please give credit to the original author at

Thank you!
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This is a 60 year old bonsai tree cut from an even older giant redwood. Look at the little tree guys. Isn't it cute?
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I smoke weed and go on /ck/

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I smoke weed and go on /ck/

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Let's see how long it takes to make it to page 10 and 404.
Don't reply to this thread, just let it slide. I'm serious.
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Asuka General

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/vip/ is rightful Asukachad clay!
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