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I know a toy store where they have multiple walls of toys that have been there for years, close to 3 now. They never put them on discount. Nobody ever buys them. Why would a company let product simply collect dust like this for years?
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Dumb sword is dumb

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Is it clouds
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/train/ - Model Railway General

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I am a wiener for not replacing the thread edition (can somebody act as a backup).
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B-daman / Bottleman Thread

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>What is B-daman?
B-dama means marble in japanese, so really, marbleman: toys that shoot marbles.
Bottleman is its successor, shooting bottlecaps.

Toys from the franchise are generally snap-fit model kits, basically early SD gundam kits

>B-daman series list

Super B-daman
Battle B-daman
Crash B-daman
Cross-Fight B-daman

[Post B-daman]
Bottleman DX

Pictured: König Cerberus (ケーニッヒケルベロス
) , a B-daman from Super B-daman.

König Cerberus has 3 teeth at his core, one of which has a rubber strip, inducing spin in the marble. when rotated, the direction of the spin can be controlled, allowing for drive shots and trickshots

review by SlashWest [Embed]

BUILD and review by 如月のお座敷シューティング [Embed]
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How long is a long enough visit to Tokyo from a /toy/ perspective? Maybe I want to extend to further areas too like Nakano or whatever the Narita Airport area has inbetween. Of course I'll do other stuff too, but ill ask /trv/ if this is off-topic
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Marvel General: Headdies Brock Edtion

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Previously: >>11057044

-Marvel Legends Rogue/Destiny 2 Pack Announced (Amazon Exclusive Pre-order July 11th)

-Marvel Legends Let There Be Carnage Venom solicited(Target exclusive)

-Marvel Legends Death's Head (SDCC 2024 Exxclusive) revealed

-Marvel Legends Odin solicited (all major retailers)

-Marvel Legends Warlord Professor X Announced (Walmart Exclusive)

-Marvel Legends Deluxe Phoenix Announced (no further details)

-Marvel Legends Blackheart Wave solicited (Fan Channel Exclusive)

-Amazing Yamaguchi Deadpool 2.5 solicited

-Mafex Integrated Suit Spider-Man (No Way Home) announced

-Marvel Legends Man-Thing (Werewolf By Night Edition) solicited (Fan Channel Exclusive)

>Updated Marvel Legends Checklist:

>Archived Threads:

>Searchable, Tagged Database For Marvel Legends Sorted By Year:
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Papercraft thread

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There used to be a MEGA folder full of papercraft items, boxes, publications, all kinds of goodies. Does anyone still have that link?
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Bro I need a $200+, 20inch Garfield in my house

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Why are you not outside taking pictures of your toys, right now?
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