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Toys you regret not buying

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Post toys that you missed and now regret not buying.
>really like Reinhardt design but his regular figure is just grey plastic
>tfw exclusive version comes out with him in his amazing recolor
>exclusive head without helmet with a nice head sculpt
>golden fucking hammer
>hehe nice
>maybe i will get it later
>tfw it turns $60
> sure risen up in price. i should buy it
>tft it goes up to 80$
>fffuuuuck that's too expensive...I guess i missed my chance
>tfw picrelated
honestly i never was so upset about not buying a toy when i had my chance
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Detolf Discontinued

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You stupid fucks. You pieces of fucking shit. How is there not a single fucking alternative cabinet in terms of dimensions and aesthetic? How fucking hard is it to make a knockoff of a GLASS CABINET? It’s a fucking glass cabinet. I don’t have a single fucking detolf because they were never fucking in stock due to every autist in the country buying them en masse and now I don’t have an option because they’re fucking discontinued. These worthless morons replaced it with a smaller shelf that’s just as expensive but significantly worse visually.
>just buy one on the aftermarket
There’s not a single fucking detolf available online in the English speaking world. Who wants to ship these things? Fuck IKEA. Fuck you for discontinuing the detolf and fuck you for replacing it with a worse version of itself. Where the fuck am I supposed to display my figures?
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/plb/ - Polynian & Lewd-bot General #003

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Patiently Waiting Edition:

Both Shamrocks are delayed until April with winter wonfes (2/11) in a about a week we all wait for new figure announcements promised on twitter.

Previous Thread: >>10805695
Previous Threads:

-Release Schedule-

-Reimu (Re-issue/Clearfile Vers)
-Shamrock (Update Vers.)
-Grey Flesh Shamrock (Update Version)
>To Be Determined
-Unison Reimu (Blue)
-Motoroid Torin
-Lily (Shrine Maiden Sakura)
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Blue transparent figures

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Post blue transparent figures, even better if the figure is completely made of blue transparent plastic.
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Is this the best Spider-Man figure ever?
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Post toys you regret buying

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Either because of fomo and it turned out you didn't want it that badly or simply because it wasn't that great of a figure to you.

Picrel. Just can't get into mafex. Cool accessories and all, but I don't dig their engineering and their legs feel way too long to me. And in Gambits case, some of his effects were a pain to pose with since they also needed stands. That dude was lowkey more of a puzzle to me than any Revo ever was.
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Are skilltoys allowed here? Not sure where else it would go. We had occasional threads on /asp/ back in the day but it's gone.

Anybody here throw, play kendama etc? Getting back into yoyos after a long break.
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/dcg/ - Diecast General - Pie in the Sky Edition

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Why does anyone tolerate the Haslab model? It presents nothing positive for toy collecting and makes Hasbro fans defending it look like drug addicts.
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/tfg/ Transformers General - Rock Riders Edition

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Are you ready to rock? I could be convinced to rock.
>Leaks and Rumors
>Online Stores for TFs
>Where to watch TF shows:
>Transformers General Archives:

>New thread on page 9 or 10 or image limit. Any thread that doesn't say this and does not adhere to it or lacks the pastebins is not a legit /tfg/ thread

previous thread: >>10855563
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