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have you ever seen breasta before?

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Someone shared a website once that shows you all of the bans that are happening on 4chan (in a more comprehensive way than the sites natives page) does anyone have it?

PINK omega

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Anime Girls are good.
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if u read this ur gay lol
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> be me, brilliant Solidity developer, always on the hunt for innovative ideas
> stumble upon idea for a token that only grows, cantbethatsimple.jpeg, invents ApeFi
> start coding KONG meme token from ground up at 2am, kong.sol
> launch it to public with juicy rewards for top buyers and affiliates
> hype fellow crypto apes with the promise of endless financial freedom and an unstoppable uptrend
> watch as apes jump on board, excited about climbing to the top of the Financial Freedom Building
> confess, I didn't tell them the best part: 21 days of FREE MINT and the rewards are much bigger than they think
> grin as they fill the liquidity pool, $KONG goes BRRR
> HUGE prize pools for top buyers and top affiliate, each receive 5% share of all purchases made every cycle, monkey profits galore
> even more incentives for buying w/ a referral link, 2X every 2 weeks
> watch as apes cheer, their bananas multiplying before their eyes
> proudly admit, I've created something truly special for my fellow DEGENS
> ape in now:

Let's beat some world record!

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let's make this thread live for 10 years!
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im smomking weed
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Email verification

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Put this on every board.

The the modern non paying 4chan user is most likely a terrorist like the right wing extremists or scammers (including those shameless ad campaign ruining most boards).
I repeat, put this on every board.
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