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Why did he have a charizard?
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Who the fuck are you repping?

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/vp/ plays Pokemon Desolation Multi-LP

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>Thread dies overnight
>Many of us start our playthrough of Desolation and witness the buck be broken once more by the power of Electrorape.Jr
>Quite a few anons are tripfags are still going through Reborn
>Rejuvenation's writing is a marvel in how utterly shit it is
>Darkrai is a nigger
>Wagie begins his revisit to Ayrith with a good round of self-inflicted torture
>RG gets blessed with the holy power of replacing every Field in the game
>Bunkens begins his first journey through Ayrith
>I am blessed with the power of Magikarp and Beldum trips
>Leon continues marveling Jan's magnificent writing
>John reaches the tail end of postgame and is beholden to puzzle hell
>Another anon progresses through Reborn's early-lategame
>Eeveefag sluggers on through the mountains of Reborn
>If another thread was made before this without me knowing again, I am sorry, I checked the archive for quite a bit to see if I could find it

>What is this?
A thread where a bunch of autists play shitty fangames. Join if you want.


>Fangame Bingo

>Download Links for Games Being Played


Reborn Allgen

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Rate my wife

QRT: You and your favorite Pokémon

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Does anything happen if you choose not to catch it?
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I like Kilowattrel
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Brionne is cute! CUTE!
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