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How would Pokémon be used in warfare? Say Jews wanted to genocide Palestinians in the Pokémon universe, how would they do it?
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>trade evolution
>trade evolution holding item

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We need a nidoran thread for real nidoheads.
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PSA: Shiny Meltan re-unlock event for Pokemon Go

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Want shiny Meltan? Need shiny Meltan for your collection? Well the time that happens about once a year is coming, where shiny Meltan will be shiny unlocked for a couple days!

>When is it?
June 28th at 10AM to July 3rd at 8PM
>How many chances do I get
When you open the Meltan box, given the amount of days and that they say you can open it more frequently during the event, maybe 2-3 times? Hard to say until it happens, but you don’t get too much time regardless
>Should I get one or two
One for regular Meltan, and another one to evolve into Melmetal. Keep in mind you can only evolve Meltan into Melmetal in Go, so if you transfer a shiny Meltan to Home and you wanted to evolve it, you’re fucked. You could also just get as many shinies as you can.
>What exactly do I do
Connect your Home account to your Go account, transfer a Go mon to Home or whatever and look for the mystery box in your inventory, open it, and for 60 minutes meltans will spawn around you for you to shiny check. After that there will be a cooldown period until you can use it again.
>Is the shiny good
It’s… okay. The hex nut is a different color and the wire tail is blue now.
>I hate Meltan and I don’t play Go
Ok then fuck off
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Can we get some love for Lumineon?
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Rachel Lillis support fund: https://www.gofundme com/f/help-my-sister-rachael-with-medical-needs

Vote Misty for best anime girl:
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Does anyone have the archive link to the thread thst leaked the SM 3rd stage start evos where that one denialfag keeps seething over them being real?
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Z-A's release date

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So now that we know that Nintendo can market a game that's releasing in more than 6 months, when should we expect PLZA to be released?
When are we expecting more news of the game?
August Presents?

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Legends Z-Aunties it’s our time!!
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