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Which pokémon species are the least intelligent in your opinion? I've always thought that Seaking are probably pretty dull.
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/mg/ - May General

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Christmas is Coming Edition

The general for all things May/Haruka/Sapphire!
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What the hell does Serena see in Ash?

She's completely out of his league
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>Obnoxiously hate Poke'fuckers
>Larp as a PKMN that's pure sexo
Was the Verilyfag just trolling of actually was indeed that much of a retarded moraltroon without any sense of irony?
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/ef/ - Eevee Friday

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Eevee Jet Edition. Have you taken the flight to Tokyo Haneda yet?
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Emerald's Difficulty

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Emerald is the most challenging mainline Pokemon game, but sadly it goes underappreciated in this regard. Brawly, Wattson, Flannery and Norman are all difficult fights, but Tate & Liza is unironically the best boss fight in the series.
>Claydol can spam Earthquake without any consequences, knocking out any Electric or Rock types that threaten Xatu
>Xatu can set up Sunny Day, which eliminates the team's Water weakness
>Xatu can set up with Calm Mind and sweep with Psychic if left unchecked
>Claydol and Lunatone can set up Light Screen, which accounts for Dark, Grass and Water types
>Water and Grass types get BTFO by Solrock anyway
>Lunatone and Solrock have Sitrus Berries for added annoyance.
What's awesome about this fight is that their Pokemon aren't even that good. Hell, their highest offensive stat is Xatu's Sp. Atk., which doesn't even break 100. But when actual strategy is employed, it becomes an absolute clusterfuck of a fight with excellent coverage. Really, the only surefire way I can think of to take this team down is with a physical-attacker who knows Shadow Ball.
After this point, the difficulty falls off because Emerald's league is piss easy, but that shouldn't invalidate how soulful this fight is. No mainline Pokemon game since has even come close to matching the amount of intricate detail in this fight.
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These are the types of fans that say “just be grateful we got something” whenever some bullshit comes out

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Reminder (You) and your pokemon are based. Have a nice day, cheers!
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