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how to get a gf if your mepis is 12cm
I had sex once and girl said "I don't feel anything"
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>brown women are ugl-.........

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A modern day warrior mean mean stride
Today's Tom Sawyer mean mean pride

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Why do 30 year olds in 2024 still look like kids while 30 year olds of the past were visibly aging?
Isn’t it backwards? Why should we be aging more slowly despite more environmental contaminants and unnatural social situations?
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sakuya giving cirno the FlSHE

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We already defeated biz with the help of the mod-gods I knew we could do it bant

nothing is stronger than true bant board culture

Are you niggers dumb enough to believe in the moon landing?

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>chud twp cuckold white supremacist incels wouldn't worship the BWC femboy gock
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