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my folks don't know this

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but I keep 2x 1.25 mg bisoprolol pills around me in case my excessive cannabis use gets my resting heart rate above 130 bpm or higher
>read a case report on pubmed how they fixed some guy's acute tachycardia from cannabis overdose, though they used propranolol or metoprolol, some beta blocker or other.
living with joint pain is wild
>can handle the pain but then I will be a pain in the ass how grumpy I can get
>being high around people is just so easy
it is a self serving behaviour
but it comes with it's risks
if you ever have kids make sure they keep they joints in top shape
>da knees
>da ankles
>da wrists
>da shoulders
>da neck
>da beck
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you can't be racist if you take your coffee black

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i am downloading zenless zone zero rn

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oh my nier automata
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neurotypicals = gods

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I guess this shithole is the new /qa/

/ftl2.5/ Fish Tank Live Season 2.5 #10

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Xavier Edition

>Season 2.5 is over now
>Who Won?
Xavier Ravenblood won. Xayleigh lost.
>Will there be season 3?
>What is Fish Tank?
Fishtank is an online reality show, directed and produced by Jet Neptune and Samuel J. Hyde. A smart house is monitored 24/7 & broadcast live to the world. All bedrooms have cameras, common spaces are monitored via video and audio surveillance. When the lights go out, the IR comes on. The Fishtank house is always on.


>Missed the show and the previous season?

>Thread shall be created when hit page 10 or image limit

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