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/bgg/ - Brown Girls General

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Brown butts
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/bant/ AI Waifus General #192

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Military uniform edition!!
gup bros we have the home turf
prompts: TBD

Previous very hot sauna girls >>19127524

Free online generators:

Nemu uses danbooru (or maybe just booru in general) images as reference, so use tags as prompts for the best results.
For a waifu chatbot there is:
It has plenty of existing characters. Free account allows to make your own chatting companion.
Emmm ai booru because why not:
>Local install
Nvidia GPU: |

You can get free daily python VM uptime in Google CoLabs with about 12 GB of RAM on their servers with Stable Diffusion models too, enough for small HD images like 768x768 to 1024x1024
Here are some models. There is anything 5 just like at nemus.
You download one of these .Ipynb files and ten run them in

Disclaimer: All waifus have been created by our LORD in Heaven and by His Grace bound to their husbands through the sacrament of marriage until death divides us and lets us join Him in Heaven for all eternity.
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/qod/ - Queen of Diamonds

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Yuri thursday. Post girls who like each other a bit too much.
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This website

>inb4 Q IS A LARP
Get it out of your system, stop being a faggot, and now let's dig into the details here. That goes double for you, Jannies. Ivermectin can kill those parasites causing you to be such massive faggots. You need help

The site is actually pretty interesting. Wayback machine shows first activity on Nov 18, 06:13:57 GMT, which is 01:13:57 EST for US users.

Only elements to the page are a banner reading "NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING" and a timer, counting down. Loading that first snapshot shows:
10 days : 16 hours : 46 minutes : 21 seconds

Doing the math this expired on Nov 28, 18:00:17 EST

Henry Kissinger's death was announced early on Wednesday, Nov 29. Meaning he died the day before, possibly earlier. The exact time of death is not published. Nothing else of great import that I'm aware of occurred around the time of that countdown expiring. But Kissinger's death is so huge that I doubt any of us truly appreciate it. That man's presence 'behind the scenes' was perhaps broader and deeper than any other single person in the 20th century. Like three lifetimes of Allen Dulles, on steroids.

It's very weird. Despite not knowing his exact time of death, the timing fits rather perfectly. The family and close friends would want to take a day or so to make arrangements before announcing to the public, usually. So, IF this countdown was real... how did they know over 10 days in advance?

And that brings us to the current timer. "Green Sky" I am sure refers to the aurora borealis that will likely be seen due to this 3-fold CME impact just starting to impact us. But is there something more? I need some more eyes on this. Preferably old farts and/or schizos.

/ftl/ - Fish Tank Live #2065

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L Edition

>Fishtank Season 1 links
>What is Fish Tank?
>Will there be a season 2?
Yes, it starts December 18th
>When Josie Stream? @sheep_xing on youtube
streaming schedule: Monday regular/Wednesday Membership/Friday regular
>Vance Stream Schedule: Tuesdays/Sundays
>Betty Stream Schedule: Tuesdays & Friday/Saturdays for her 2nd stream

>Keep up with the cast of Season 1
>Missed a day?
Archive COMPLETE: Days 1-42 + the full motion capture archives

>Thread template if needed

Previous: >>19155954
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End days thread.
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oh my umineko
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shitalian who gets called approached and called cute by women online defines himself as conventionally unattractive on international futa gooner anonymous board

Can you feel the incoming victory over libtards?

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