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holy shit what the fuck is wrong with pajeets, why can't they just work at normal jobs and not scam people for a living

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Reminder that if you want to become a girl you just need to say you're a biological girl since forever and you really want your vagina from birth because you're a biological girl since forever and you want a soulmate boyfriend to marry and adopt kids.

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I had no idea Denmark was this fucking cucked. Literally foreign men, Danish women: The City
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>This is a far right wing racially conscious messageboard, if you can’t comprehend that then leave. Stop breaking the rules. This place is only for white people.
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rise and shine based banters
it's gonna be a fantastic day!
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What avenues exist for us to make a positive impact on the growth of Japanese animation, /bant/ - Random Anime Transport Torrents?
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locked board loser pronouns be like: they/them
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hehe soon
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Why is the interview process for a job so daunting today?

We are expected to go through multiple rounds of interviews and answer humiliating questions. In one interview I was asked what would I do with an elephant for a day and how many swimming pools are there in Chicago. I have glowing performance evaluations and my coworkers can attest to that but I'm autist and not good at interviews so it never works out for me.

Is there any sort of law that was passed or cultural shift that caused interviews to turn into a slog?
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/bgg/ - Brown Girls General

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Brown butts
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