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do brits really have to phone their internet provider when they want to watch porn?
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fancy cat
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If you eat steaks in any way other than well done, you are a weak male and a faggot.

Ethereum is the only coin that can still pump the next months

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NatSoc = Christian, Hitler = Christians

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Kikes made a seethe thread earlier that hit the 350 posts. They got btfo. Just to remind them.
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We shed our blood.
With the call of a battle horn.
We raise our swords.
Behind the fields of blood,
There's a haven for us.
Deep in the woods of the North,
Rises the Heathen Throne

One by one my people fell,
Under (((their))) deceptive spell.
How many sons of the
North, had to fall?
Before our eyes could see;
This isn't how it should be!

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SETF Silver Ends The Fed

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Silver ends the fed.
Real money is:
Silver and gold fit the criteria perfectly. Currently the federal reserve prints currency out of thin air, buying up assets while their cronies at the metal exchanges print IOU slips promising metals, the intention is to short the price and quell demand through artificial supply all while never actually delivering the metal, opting out to pay in printed cash. On top of this we are charged a trillions year in usury interest payments on the national debt as every time they print each dollar its attached to debt, formerly backed silver and gold. Without a supply of silver, they cannot continue their paper ponzi schemes...
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/cfg/ chadfad general #1

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We are all gonna make it edition
Chadbros we mooning to 10M for sure.
We are so back...

Bbby - 4 thread general

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When i Selling my 5000 BBBY @40 buying this nice Little car. tf2LlKp/?igsh=c2tvcDFkczU4OWc=

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i am a bant veteran (8+ years) and i accept and welcome bizmigrants as our new lords
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