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Why do women think men are still growing past 18?

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Is race mixing with latinas ok ?
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Why do muslims look like this?
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Do you make more than a stripper?

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This stripper from Miami breaks down how much she makes each day during the week. Do you make more or less than she does with your degree?

Video of earnings here
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Why were Christniggers so stupid?
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Dat Boi General #01 Cock sucking Edition

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Christianity destroyed every religion In Europe except Judaism

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Meanwhile they tracked down every pagan to the remotest swamps and most desolate islands. It's pretty crazy when you think about it.

Jews, though? Oh yeah they get a section of their own in Christian cities.
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Conservacucks be like

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You haven't been sidelined on Ron Paul Coin anon, right? Its not too late

I like niggers

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Do you like niggers?