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>colbert made a skibidi biden
Rethuglicanbros we're going to get destroyed this election, the left's memes are dominating us

/smg/ - stock market general

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/pmg/ - Precious Metals General

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/ftl2/ - Fish Tank Live Season 2 #402

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TayDay tomorrow Edition

>Season 2 is over now
>Who Won?
TJ won after beating Shinji in a boxing match
>Will there be season 3?
Yes after All Stars Vampire Bloodgames mini-season 2.5
>What is Fish Tank?
Fishtank is an online reality show, directed and produced by Jet Neptune and Samuel W. Hyde. A smart house is monitored 24/7 & broadcast live to the world. All bedrooms have cameras, common spaces are monitored via video and audio surveillance. When the lights go out, the IR comes on. The Fishtank house is always on.


>Final S2 tierlist

>Missed the show and the previous season?

>Thread template if needed

>Thread shall be created when hit page 10 or image limit
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/ftl/ - Fish Tank Live #2247

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camosie edition

>Will there be a season 3?
Hopefully not and TJ won coaltank s2
>fishtank Season 2 tv links
>What is Fish Tank?

>When Josie Stream? @sheep_xing on youtube
monday regular/Wednesday membership/friday regular

>Season 1 archive Days 1-42 + the full motion capture archives

>Thread template if needed

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I am better than you.

Christianity, The Root Of All Evil

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Christianity is Spiritual Bolshevism...

The Bible is the blueprint for establishing Communism. Christianity was a pacifistic psychological subversive instrument used to dethrone the Romans from achieving world domination. Christianity preoccupies its work in the metaphysical domain, inducing pacifism as a means to destroy any intrinsic instict to fight for survival. Then, once the masses are demoralized, Communism achieves its task in the mechanical aspect of the State. It's seeks to concentrate economic power into the hands of a ruling class, an international oligarchy. Without Christianity, Communism is rendered useless because if a people know their worth, know the God of their ancestors, and love the land in which they reside, then Communism will never grip its claws in the people. Communism is a symptom of spiritual demoralization caused by Christianity! Jesus was the first Communist.

Both Christianity and Communism share a common deep-rooted hatred against the rich. The purpose of Christianity was to eliminate class differences by instigating the working class against the intellectual class. This is the reason Christianity is against intellectualism.

Both Christianity and Communism are against racial supremacy and nationalism. Christianity is the reason for the abolition of race-based slavery. Christianity is the reason for open borders since it teaches that the world belongs to everyone.

Christianity and Communism share a common origin. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were the leaders of the Christian Communist Revolutionary Party, the real roots of Communism are Christian!
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You can invent a weird accent right now and talk with it for the rest of your life. No one can stop you.

Sure, your friends and family will be confused. Then they'll be annoyed. They'll think you're crazy. People will treat you differently or avoid you. But they can't actually stop you. They simply have to adapt to your weirdness.

Accent is just one example. In lots of little details, you have this power.
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I want to lick these scarz
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/trant/ is especially retarded this morning, I think we might need to implement an IQ captcha to keep subhumans from posting.