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Powerful White men killed the Jewish parasite boylover Yeshua Hamashiach

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Jews never were man enough.
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Balatro is truly a goat game
Keeps the gambling addiction in check and the dopamine receptors happy

Uh, why is okayeg RUGGING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!????

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I hope you all die and burn in hell for eternity

Dickpill acceptance is the ultimate litmus test

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Seriously if you cannot or are unwilling to see a truth so obvious as size mattering and "average" not being enough then there's no hope for you.

Don't call yourself enlightened, redpilled or whatever until you've maned up and taken the Dickpill
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does this happen in your country?
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Why does sharty create like 1000 times as much OC as modern 4cuck?
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>The only downside is the potential warming effect from additional CO2. It's been estimated that current increases in CO2 have a radiative forcing effect of about 2 watts per square meter, compared to the total solar irradiance of 1361 W/m2. If CO2 levels doubled to 800 ppm then it's estimated this would have a radiative forcing effect of 6 W/m2. To offset warming in this scenario would require mitigation strategies like stratospheric aerosol injection to reduce solar irradiance by about 0.4%. In the context of plant growth this reduction in sunlight would be negligible given that photosynthesis is only 1 to 2% efficient. If anything we should see significantly accelerated plant growth by about 10 to 50% due to the CO2 fertilization effect at 800ppm.

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you are ugly and short

no woman will ever love you, pathetic incel twp cuckold
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can i see older messages on ps4?

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>be kid with horrid english
>play og fortnite
>meet friend>we play and have fun
>friend sends message saying he cant play anymore
>due to my horrible english at the time i cant understand why he couldnt
>message him
>message him
>message him
>no response
this was a long time ago i think i kept him as friends but cant find him now any way to lookthru all sent messages? and his name was beautifull somehing something and the same pfp as seen here