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Americans are, contrary to what they may claim, the most racist and race-obsessed society there is.

> The average american, ESPECIALLY the liberal "antiracist" american, cannot comprehend a society or situation without race conflict
>EVERYTHING has to be "whypipo be like", "blagpipol be like", white oppression this, systemic discrimination that, SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP
>Any time they find a culture without large scale racial conflict, their brain has a collapse and they immediately begin to come up with fabrications on how there is "hidden racism" and shit
>the average yanqui cannot understand how in my country (picrel; ignore 4chan flag, i just had the misfortune to have moved to the US) there just are no black people.
>it CANNOT be that there were not that many slaves to begin with, or that they intermixed with the population until their black physique got genetically diluted into the local population
>nor the fact that they were able to live free from segregation and KKK bullshittery that persisted in so-called "antiracist" US of A WITHIN LIVING MEMORY
>NOOOOO, of course not, it HAD to be a concerted attempt to erase black people from history and some other societal-self-loathing bullshit; it all HAS to have played out the same way it did in the US

frankly as with many other things, the stereotype of "american detected, opinion ignored" holds true

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good morning sirs, what are you having for breakfast? im paying 30 cents for this in my cunt

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he is tucked in
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Uhhh no dude, it's salt.
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would you handhold cirno?
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I use 4chan as an outlet for my retardation. Hopefully it makes me less retarded in the real world

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on behalf of the united states, I just want to say youre welcome for the english language
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Drawthread: No retards allowed edition
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i want to leave the internet but i am fucked up psychologically
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