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wahoo itsa me, Mario!

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Is $1,500,000 a lot?
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no fap, day 7

/bant/ needs stronger immigration laws NOW

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We are being replaced and our culture diluted by migrant /biz/raeli rapefugees and mods don't care.
Deport /biz/fugees. Stop /bant/ genocide. We need stronger borders.
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women make me so mad. i dont really like them at all
I thought I liked them for a bit but well, I was wrong

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mr stinky wink
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never trust a woman with dyed hair

So diamonds are a scam, right?

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I remember hearing a few years ago somewhere that they can make diamonds in a lab/factory. Not fake diamonds, actual diamonds that are no different in their composition from what is dug up from the ground. Do any anons know the details on this? Holy shit what a scam. If I had to take a wild guess I would wager there is at least one jew involved in these shenanigans.
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Why do we have to share one board with fishtank faggots again? This is a purely business and finance oriented board.

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Another reminder to please stop shitposting on a business and finance board, thank you.
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