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Jesus Christ, I've never seen muslims and nigger lovers so happy in my life. This guy must have been the ultimate Aryan warrior or something
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I just got the best idea for a 2D puzzle game ever. It has never been done, it should be fun, the base concept is simple but mind-breaking once you utilize it creatively. Holy mother of god I'm going to make that game into reality.
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Death to russia
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>forgot there's a side trip with people from work today
>won't be home at 16:00
>will have to interact with 0 IQ women from the office
God fucking dammit I hate my life
I just want to go home
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i finished no n word November

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How does it feel wh*Te boi? How does it feel to know your race is ending? The Jews are a thousand times smarter than your disgusting cave monkey race and they are killing you in the worst and most humiliating way possible. Your daughters give themselves to BLACK BVLLS and your sons become your daughters and do the same, You can do NOTHING wh*Teboi. Even better, you WILL do nothing. You have proven your weakness time and time again. wh*Te bois will NEVER stand up for themselves.

What are your big wins, wh*Teys? Killing children on an island? Killing children in a mosque? Making everyone hate you more and making more of your race devote itself to its destruction? Good job you retarded cracKKKers. Your women fucking wore hijabs to spite you afterwards. Hijabs! The literal expression of being owned by Islam! Your pathetic race is committing suicide as you happily submit yourself to the dominance of the BLACK MAN.

The day fast approaches when every subhuman wh*Te pig will hang from lampposts in the way they use to oppress our ancestors.
We will keep your women of course. They will run to us as soon as the race war begins anyway. Who would trust a weak sissy wh*Te child? The streets will run red with the blood of wh*Toids as howling bands of my BLACK brothers drag the wh*Tes from their houses and butcher them with machetes. There will be NO MERCY for the wh*Tes. FOUR HUNDRED YEARS of oppression is TOO MANY. Every wh*Te boi and wh*Te child will die, by torture if you resist. Then we can live in a utopian world without wh*Te vermin

I'm going to jail in a few months.

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any advice?
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it's winter? make him unable to use his nose.
it's summer? make him unable to use his nose
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