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you have the big gay

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Male drive has always been about waifus
From greek goddess, ships with female statues to war planes
So if Miku is what makes you get up in the morning then so be it
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That must be some good slop

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What is your why?
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Do lactose intolerants deserve rights?
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I fucking hate cats

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I hate cats, I hate these disgusting evil creatures, and I hate modern society even more for loving these beasts. The only animals that deserve human empathy are dogs and even they don't deserve that much empathy because they have dog breeds like niggerbulls, this modern society's adoration of animals is sick ,an abomination,I'm a bit misanthropic and I'm not a huge fan of people either, but this worship of nature and animals in modernity is really disgusting .
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All Boards seem real slow

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I've noticed some new bugs too. Is 4chan finally dying?
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You ever just
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