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Atlanta High Speed Rail

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Atlanta may be sprawled but it would make the ideal HSR hub.

>rapidly growing city surrounded by other rapidly growing cities
>nearby large cities are the optimal distance apart for HSR
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escooter ebike repair thread

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Is it so fucking hard for chinks NOT TO install shitty BMS that don't balance cells? It is just idk, 0.1 US dolla difference?
Also, why did they even lie? It says 10 AH on the battery heatshrink, while in reality it is 7.8 AH.

That $0.1 saved resulted in 4.22 - 3.85 V disbalance in cells. No fucking wonder it did only like 12 km.
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Best and worst Airlines/Airplanes

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I've only flown once on United Airlines on a Boeing 787-10. Stewardesses were decent, food was decent, plane was relatively quiet. They allow two "free" 50lb checked bags on economy which I didn't use, but the gate staff sperged out about my folding bike being a few inches wider than the carry on limit and forced me to gate check despite it being able to fit in the overhead bin. Of course it arrived damaged and basically told me to go fuck myself. They had no problem with people in economy bringing guitars larger than my bike which is retarded.

Does anyone have experience with low-cost Asian Airlines like STARLUX, China Airlines, Tiger Airlines, Vietjet Air, etc.?
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/n/ approved books?
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Los Angeles doesn’t have a subway system, which is odd because it’s the one city in the most need of one in the US and probably top 10 in need of one in the world. No matter how many lanes you add to the freeway, it’s always going to be bumper to bumper at certain hours.

But how would a subway system work?
>hit up several parts of downtown and LA proper
>Sunset Strip
>Santa Monica Pier
>Marina Del Rey
>SoFi Stadium
>Long Beach
It would be a massive undertaking but if a city as spread out as Tokyo can do it, so could LA.
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How does one become a ship captain?
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Post pictures and discuss flying aut/o/s
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Hi /n/, thoughts on package drivers? UPS package car driver here
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>live in central wisconsin
>flying to michigan with uncle in his cesna
>he is too scared to fly over lake michigan and insists on flying all the way past chicago around the bottom
>years later, in same situation with my friend’s dad
>he is also too scared and insists on going around the lake
>acts like it is completely out of the question when I bring it up, and talks about a “15 minute death zone”
what’s the big deal, its just a lake, are there sea monsters lol?

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Why not take the boatpill?
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