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Catalina Island

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Anyone bicycle around Catalina Island before?

Failed checkride

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I failed my ifr check ride today and I couldn’t stop tearing up on the way home, I’ve never failed an exam nor a check ride, I feel extremely depressed and in a dark place, I know I’m only 18 and young but I feel like the world has ended
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Where did it all go so wrong?
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This is what Europeans nevwr understand when they say "why dont Americans just get trains".
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discuss bike tubers
discuss bike tube drama
discuss bike tube retardation
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/pybt/ - post your bike thread

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current thread got nuked edition.
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Bicycling Nutrition

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What's a good drink for a budding bicyclist to keep him going?
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why are guys like this so racist against anything that isn't old and farty?

why don't they just ignore the people flying by them at 40mph having a ton of fun being super fit and not fat and angry like themselves?
Why they such haters?
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/gag/ General Aviation General

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Regional peasants get bullied. Spirit hopefuls RIP. The era of JSX and SkyWest Charter hiring wet Commercial FOs with +65 year old Captains is upon us.
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Why does Netherlands have one of the longest commute times? I thought the infrastructure there is best for both car drivers and cyclists.
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