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Someone died in a train collision last week. HOW TF DO YOU GET HIT BY A BIG AND LOUD ASS MOFO TRAIN???
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Are thinner tires better for bikes that are used in the city and gravel roads mostly?
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3 speed
All you need
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/BAG/ - Bicycle bags

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>What bags do you use
>What do you carry
>Why are all saddle bags shit
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How much does this stuff annoy you train autists? I love trains but in a different way to you
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Great Lakes Shipping

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Why are there no container ports for the Great Lakes, like there are on the East and West coasts of North America?
Why is it only used for bulk cargo at the moment?
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This angers the liberal
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/bbg/ Bike Building General

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/bbg/ Bike Building General
"I'm not paying Park for a fucking bike stand, or cleaning my shed" Edition.

A place to ask questions, and to share tips & resources. Post your projects, your finished & in-process builds, restorations, etc.

Barnett's Bicycle Repair Manual -
UCSB Associated Students Bike Shop Manual (2022) -
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Technical Info -
Bike parts, tools, etc. -


>Bike Questions General >>>/n/bqg
>Wheels General >>>/n/wg
>Bike Apparel General >>>/n/bag
>Post Your Bike Thread>>>/n/pybt
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15 years later

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Is grant petersen's quote still true?
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This thread is for talking about railways, and things related to railways, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Trips, tracks, tickets, trains and stations, they're all good - making up rules is boring so let's just be normal. Questions are, of course, most welcome.

If you feel like travelling, head over to National Rail Enquiries (; tell it where you're leaving from and where you're going to, and it'll tell you how you're going to get there; then it'll hand you over to a train operator to buy a ticket. The golden rule is that it doesn't matter which train operator you buy a ticket from, as they'll all sell you a ticket from anywhere to anywhere, for the same price. If you're a visitor from overseas, your best option is probably Trainline ( - they charge a booking fee on top of the ticket price, but they'll accept just about any payment card. There's also, who are apparently a 'thing' with overseas students: I've not used these myself, so please speak up with any thoughts.

Here's a few links:
~The Man in Seat 61 ( - easily the best rail travel resource out there.
~Geoff Marshall ( - Likes trains. Mostly harmless.
~A Visual History of Railway Rolling Stock in Great Britain (
~Realtimetrains ( - live train timetables: ideal for keeping on top of ETAs and platforms.
~TIGER ( - live station departure boards.
~Traksy ( - live signalling information.
~Openrailwaymap ( - railway infrastructure, mapped.

What's happening?
~Phase One of High Speed 2 (Birmingham-London):
~Belfast Grand Central:
~The Transpennine Route Upgrade (electrifying the Liverpool-York mainline):
~The Midland Main Line electrification (still no website!)
~The East Coast Digital Programme:
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