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Ask a young co pilot (21m) anything

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A guy with a very high fitness level and a bike touring experience, on a recumbent diy ebike, won a race practically against an ebike spaceship (a velomobile adapted to be sun-powered).

It appears that the main factor to win the competition were the top speed limit for the motor assisting and the fitness level of the competitors. THIS IS MY TAKE. Maybe i'm completely wrong.

I think this thing is worth watching.
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Do you enjoy any /n/ games, like city builders and tycoons?
>picrel OpenTTD, the best transportation game
If not a game, what software would you use to make model junctions and rail systems? /diy/ has solidworks, autocad, etc. Unironically a dumb game like OpenTTD seems to be the best option for exercising what you learn in your hobby, at least for free (so, not including real model railways.) It's also just fun as fuck.
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tips for alternative handlebars configurations

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any tip, pic, possibly shit like sawed off dropbars, or bullhorn made with bar ends?
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What was supposed to be so futuristic about the monorail?

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That the track is narrower? That it's elevated (chicago already has elevated trains)?
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/wg/ - wheels general

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Why are you destroying the environment with your discount bargain bin chinese carbon wheels with no warranty, when you could be saving the environment with the revolutionary new FusionFiber™ that come with a lifetime, no questions asked replacement coverage for the original owner? Sure it costs about 3x as much but think of the moral superiority it gets you

The only problem is it's made in Utah which is full of crazy people, which kinda negates the moral superiority, I'd almost rather send money directly to the CCP at that point

Also discuss wheels and stuff
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I'd like to buy whoever invented the thru-axle a beer. It's a fantastic invention and I have no idea how it manages to be so good. It makes replacing a wheel so much nicer than fucking qr skewers.
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I want a really simple bike

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Grew up on 90s MTBs in the 00s, fell for the fixie meme around high school and college '10s, and now that I have $$$ I really don't care for peak performance Road nor MTB. I just want to cruise around the same dirt roads and trails around me in no rush. I had a gravel bike, it was okay. I saw what you guys meant by being under biked.

Money sorta isn't an issue and for the first time ever I can afford high end shit, but instead of listing after the latest full suspension trail bike or high end proper gravel bike, I just want some old school and as simple as possible.... but capable of mild trails and dirt roads.
I had some trek with 35mm tires. A Giant Fathom 29er.... KHS Zaca... Cannondale F400 I just get bored and want something different, not necessarily/better/

None of my friends care to ride. I don't like group rides. I Don't like riding on the street.

What should I get?

It has to be all black and I'll put on a Brooks saddle.
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/debt/ - Daily E-Bike Thread

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Share your ride, ask for advice, shitpost about 'em, so and on and so on.

All posters with pedal less monstrosities like Sur Ron's will be summarily executed.
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/bbg/ - Bike Buying General

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If you want help picking out a bike, post your height, what you will use the bike for, and a link to your local craigslist.

>I want to buy a new bike. What should I watch out for?
Don't buy Wal-Mart garbage.
Don't buy department store garbage.
Beware of amazon and alibaba garbage.

>Should I buy from Bikes Direct?
If you are clueless enough that you need to ask, no. If you have no mechanical ability, no. If the alternative is walmart, maybe. Ask first.

>I want to buy a used bike. What should I watch out for and where should I buy?

Craigslist is good for old bikes. is good for used modern mid- to high- end mountain bikes.
Ask in /bbg/ if uncertain.

Be aware that a used bike will need some repairs and adjustments. The most likely parts to need replacement are tubes, tires, brake pads, and chain. Chains are a wear item. Inspect all of these things as well as sprocket teeth, brake performance, shifting performance, and check bearings (bottom bracket, headset, and wheel hubs) for play, and check wheels for wobble. If there is a lot wrong with the bike, you may have to put a lot of money into it for parts, and money or time for repairs.

>What size bike should I buy?
The right size.
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