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Space transportation general: 2nd times the charm edition.

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Space transportation general. Since spaceflight is increasing exponentially, since we are up to at least a launch per week and since we are days away from an industry revolutionizing fully reusable
super heavy lift launch vehicle.

Upcoming launches:


SpaceX livestreams on Twitter/X:

Upcoming NASA operations:


SpaceX Mars goal



Starbase 24/7 streams



Starbase tour from last summer




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Do you guys carry a bunch of tools when ridding?
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In summer in the South, where are you hotter ?

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a) in a car without air conditioning (windows opened)
b) on a motorcycle with equipment and helmet ?

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do you guys socialize when on the subway/train/bus/etc?

>been taking subway every day for many years
>never speak to anyone
>see same people at my stop meaning they live in my town, still don't talk to them
>go on train with my bike, see other guys/women with bike shared interest, still don't talk to anyone

i know most people are just on their phones anyway and probably dont want socializing anyway but it make sme feel even lonelier.
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Electric planes. Are they able to work? Will they replace the short hauls? What about the wide Bodies?
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>mogs your airplane
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Why aren't you a pilot?
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How do these large cargo backpacks compare with a bicycle trailer? I need to haul 100kg of cargo on a bicycle
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Still the most noble form of transportation is to be carried around by others, walking yourself is for plebs. Show us your palanquins then!
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/drt/ Daily Ride Thread - "Bull horns are back!"-edition

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Old thread: >>1936689

Looks to be a beautiful autumn. You have no excuses.
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