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What tech/features would you put on new planes to make them better?

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A cool thing imho would be Astro-Inertial Navigation System like the one on the SR-71, so that reliance on GPS/GNSS is basically eliminated (gps spoofing these days is everywhere) and avoids normal INS' accuracy decrease over time.

On the other hand a really comfy interior with wide seats, in terms of passenger experience
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Commuting or cruising with a helmet is cringe
>inb4 get hit by a car
Sharing roads with motor vehicles is retarded and helmet wont save you when you get a 50mph kiss from Karen's SUV.
Helmets are for risky sports.
If your commute is risky enough to warrant one, you are doing it wrong.
If you argue otherwise, you should wear one as a pedestrian too.
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How do these large cargo backpacks compare with a bicycle trailer? I need to haul 100kg of cargo on a bicycle
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electronic shifting is crap

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I've been following Tour Divide for the past year. Basically the most competitive runners use SRAM eagle. and basically they have constant issues.

apart from consuming batteries like a 90s camcorders, and having to keep them constantly topped up, they die suddenly, batteries die to cold, to heat, to moisture, chargers die, shifters die. And so on.

BUT, riders keep on using them because they can install additional triggers on aerobars and they are not so tiring on the hands.

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does anyone live around here?
have you ever done light bicycle touring around here, with camping gear? im not sure where to go that isnt a 1 year waitlist at a campground :(

LYCRAtards on suicide watch

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Riding a bike in a way that causes harm to others to be treated the same as murder under new UK laws.

>'Cycling where people are walking needs to be done responsibly' Said Rishi Sunak, 'And people who put the lives of other people at risk should know that the full force of the law will be used to punish the, should they cause harm to others', the PM added - 'Cycling may be good for the climate, but dangerous cyclists are a menace and this new law is long overdue.' - The law change comes after a spate of fatalities involving cyclists and pedestrians, including the death of 6 year old Hannah Dobbs in 2023, who was struck and killed by a man on a mountain bike as she walked home from school.

Everyone hates cyclists, even environmentalists, who themselves are vile, despise the two wheeled cretins. 14 year jail sentences inbound.
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>filters normies
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I want to buy a new e-scooter.
I'm hesitating between Vsett 9 and Techlife Q3. Both have a top speed of 45 km/h and NFC reader/lock.

Vsett 9
>better brand
>17,5Ah 52V
>650W (900W) motor
>8.5 tyres, one solid one pneumatic
>25 kg

Techlife Q3

>less known brand
>16.5 Ah 48V
>800W (1200W) motor
>10" pneumatic tyres
>23 kg

From the looks of it the Techlife has better specs and should be safer to ride at that speed with larger wheels, but I can't find much info about the company which leads me to believe the quality is worse than the Vsett. Also it's a bit more expensive.

Question is, what would you choose and is it safe to ride 45 km/h on 8.5 inch tyres?
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Confess your sins, /n/.
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Boeing sales tumble as firm gets no orders for the 737 Max for second straight month

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