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If is Boeing I ain't going

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So it happened again, we can blame tactics, workers, management but we simply aren't good enough.
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Trams as an alternate public transport

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Why aren't trams more of a thing in North America?
>compatible with existing road infrastructure
>dedicated tracks so no sitting in traffic like with taxis or buses
>can have higher passenger capacity than buses
Europe is ahead with regards to this and its more cost effective than a full metro service which is unlikely to happen in major cities.
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This is what they took away from you.
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Varzaqan crash

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>Flying a 50+ year old airframe
>In the rain
>With low-level overcast
>In the mountains
>At night
Is this how you fly a head of state?
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/gag/ the general thread for general aviation

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"most dangerous job in aviation? boeing whistleblower" edition.
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Why would anyone own a car when you can buy this, go 30mph and never pay for fuel or car maintainence again?
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>cycling on sidewalks is... le misdemeanor!
>you should drive on the streets with a speed limit under 50 km/h
name a more braindead law than this, jesus fucking christ
99% of people riding bicycles do it all their life
I am convinced the only reason this law exists is so that the ONE time some cop(s) with nothing better to do blocks your path, they can milk you for fines and report all your personal info to the big brother system

the whole fucking point of a bicycle is that you are not a car and that you can go places cars cannot, but carbrained lawyers the want to regulate the shit out of it for some reason, even in le walkable non-carbrained EU city

fuck I'm so pissed off right now
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Does anyone have any good pilot or passenger pov videos of airplane disasters? No edited or news reel faggotry.

/pybt/ - post your bike thread

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Post Your Bike Thread
Slow Roll Spring Edition

Previous Edition
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Comfy Winter Edition

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