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>they used to serve McDonald's Happy Meals on United flights.
we used to be a real country
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can you put drop bars on a mountain bike

Close.City kills the cagie

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Not polished yet:

It's an interactive map to show the best places for transportation and walkability.

The default is Grocery + Library which makes the map really really narrowly defined and there's no real way to weight the options, so I recommend disabling Library and/or using just one at a time. But it does an incredible job of highlighting walkability and would make a great tool for deciding where to develop or move
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Do you wear a helmet while riding your bicycle?
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I am in the process of making my bike lighter, I am only a bit conflicted about the chain guard, I want to keep the chain protected from dirt/rain and such, and be juuust sturdy enough to not be able to change the chain on accidental impact (if it were to happen by my foot I mean). Should I just get a chain glider or maybe something like this?
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Most /n/ Movies

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What are the most /n/ films?
For me its Kontroll, the hungarian masterpiece
>Opens with a budapest transit official say they were happy to help make this film, but please don't think it reflects on our actual service
>Entirely set in the subway
>Excellent soundtrack
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why people still use helicopters for travelling? it's a death trap, pretty much 50/50 that you live or die when you board one of those? i understand if it's for a mission and there's no alternative, but why would you travel in one of those? is it like playing russian roulette with a vehicle but with worse odds
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collectible bike thread

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Old thread finally hit its bump limit >>1750878

2023 started out as a crazy year on the collectible market but things seem to have settled down a bit
Have you made any new acquisitions ?
What do you wish to buy year?
Collectible bike thread!!
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Confess your sins, /n/.
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