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Ex-an/o/n here.
I might have said cyclists are gay in the past, but I kneel now.
I hate EVs, and will as such purchase a bicycle to get around.

I live out of the city though, and would appreciate advice on how to be safe cycling on rural roads.
Still won't ride public transport though.
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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Do you guys carry a bunch of tools when ridding?
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Post your local station or stop

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Been a while. Let's see your station or maybe your favorite stop.
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Steam Locomotives

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In this thread we become Based and Boiled water pilled
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/pybt/ - post your bike thread

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current thread got nuked edition.
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Tell me about these Twin Africa style enduro/touring motors.
Are they a meme or actually a good concept?

/gag/ General Aviation General

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Regional peasants get bullied. Spirit hopefuls RIP. The era of JSX and SkyWest Charter hiring wet Commercial FOs with +65 year old Captains is upon us.
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Electric planes. Are they able to work? Will they replace the short hauls? What about the wide Bodies?
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/drt/ Daily Ride Thread - "Bull horns are back!"-edition

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Old thread: >>1936689

Looks to be a beautiful autumn. You have no excuses.
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