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Kona is "le saved"
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Is there anything more based than 90s mountain bikes?
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>bought a new bike
>got stolen in the next day
How do you deal with bike theft? I don't want to ride those ugly ass scooters or euc's
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Beautiful Suburbia

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I don't see why there has to be so much animosity and spite. Most people think public transit should be continued to be improved. But I see a lot of rabid spite from the transit crowd mostly focused on eliminating non-mega dense locations out of spite for people who choose not to live in a mega dense location.

You know, it's perfectly fine to have urban, suburban and rural areas. Nobody is lobbying for knocking down highrise apartments in downtown and removing all public transit there.
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what's your favourite air disaster?
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Unusual trains

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Post trains that are just a bit weird or different from the norm. All trains welcome, passenger, freight, locomotive, rolling stock, etc.

Saw this one in the Netherlands and it's a bit odd.
>Only one motor car
>Which has three bogies and one level
>Every other coach is a normal bilevel
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I really like planes, especially the BOOM Overture. Concorde, 747, 225, A380, and C-17. What planes do you like? :D
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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Performance enhancing drugs edition

Old >>1972124
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Someone died in a train collision last week. HOW TF DO YOU GET HIT BY A BIG AND LOUD ASS MOFO TRAIN???
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Are thinner tires better for bikes that are used in the city and gravel roads mostly?
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