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Why does Netherlands have one of the longest commute times? I thought the infrastructure there is best for both car drivers and cyclists.
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Steam Locomotives

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In this thread we become Based and Boiled water pilled
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When you see it #5

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When you see it

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Why is it so expensive?
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so what IS legal to drive in the US with no license? is it really just electric bike and scooter?

this place requires a fucking car just to go shopping you would think they would have some exceptions for small motors and things because you need a fucking car just to breathe here.

do you think they will ever crack down on electronic things? i’m too autistic for a license
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Why are there so few female bicycle delivery riders? I'd love to have my package handled by a cute woman
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Why aren't we all on them?
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Am i a basedboy for riding a brompton?
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You DO have a front fairing on your bike, right?
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what bike basket does /n/ use?
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