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Bros, I hate it here

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This is what my city does with land next to a transit station
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shitalians disgusting

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Do you think we'll ever see hyper sonic passenger planes?

What we should do about ebike fires

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Ebikes should require registration and an active insurance policy. $15 million in liability insurance per bike, minimum, to cover the average damage they do every time they explode. That doesn't even cover the loss of life but it's a start. Possession of an unregistered ebike or unregistered parts such as batteries should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and being banned from touching another ebike ever again. Second offense is life in prison, you can't prove me wrong.

>but muh cost of deliveries
Muh cost of rebuilding the entire block after it was leveled and rebuilding the lives destroyed, cash me outside howbou dah?
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This confuses and angers the American


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>most responsive drop-bar hydraulic brake levers ever
>ergonomics better than GRX
>RD shifts even faster
>finally fixed the FD

It's over for Shimano.
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Still the most noble form of transportation is to be carried around by others, walking yourself is for plebs. Show us your palanquins then!
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>pisses off lycrajews
>enrages four wheelers
>fun as hell, corners like a boss
>dont even need to break a sweat if i dont want to
>extremely practical, even in suburbia
>20 mile range, 20 mph limit
>not a waste of lithium like cars
i love dailying this thing
the other day i made a right turn onto a bike lane and some fogie in the other lane got spooked because he wasnt paying attention, at the next intersection he yells out "what about the rest of us??" and i yelled at him to kill himself repeatedly until the light turned green
pedestrians ask about it because its beautiful and has so much cargo space
i love exploring corners of my city that i would otherwise never go to
the only way it could get better is if it was more like a motorcycle
i would like to see a light electric motorcycle segment created for this kinda thing, maybe if i could go 35 mph for 30 miles
right now electric motorcycles tend to just be niche or try to be too similar to conventional motorcycles and have too high a barrier to entry because theyre legislated the same way as a 100 mph 400 lb machine
i love going zoom zoom on an ebike, even in the rain
you cant refute this post.
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Streets were made for people. Bikes, buses, pedestrians, and streetcars belong on our roads. Personal cars do not.
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