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sup /n/, just bought myself a bike! what do you think?
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bike touring general /btg/

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it's middle of the summer and there's no touring thread, everyone must be on a trip then.
post updates and photos.
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Why are boomers crashing their planes so much lately? These crashes happened just a few days apart, a few miles apart, this month.
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Are there any objectively BAD bike brands? When I was looking for an Enduro I found that there doesn't seem to be a bad pick.

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>blacks move out of the south post world war
>inner city violence skyrockets massively
>everybody who can flee to the suburbs, does
When did you realize blacks are the reason America is addicted to cars? Is it even possible to fix all the damage? Moreover why do all these Urbanist faggots keep insisting we dont know what the real problem with American cities is?
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Maritime General — /mg/

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What does /n/ think of tomorrow's upgraded, more inclusive bike lanes? Cagetrolls will hate this, but I for one think it is perfectly reasonable for bike lanes to be open to any vehicle that doesn't have an ICE or require a Class A CDL to operate legally. What's the point of bike lanes if nobody is going to use them!??!?
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Most /n/ Movies

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What are the most /n/ films?
For me its Kontroll, the hungarian masterpiece
>Opens with a budapest transit official say they were happy to help make this film, but please don't think it reflects on our actual service
>Entirely set in the subway
>Excellent soundtrack
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Steel vintage bikes

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I’m pretty close to switching to an older bike, if there an objectively best era for vintage steel bikes?
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