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Vintage steam railway photo dump

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Happy 20th Birthday 4chan. I traveled to Fremont, CA to meet up with some dear friends and family and found out that the the Niles Canyon Railway was doing a steam excursion to commemorate the Bronco Billy Film Festival where they were showcasing silent-era films that were shot in Bay Area at the turn of the century so I booked a last-minute ride aboard it.

Will dump my album and go over some history of the railroad and its equipment below.
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Any tips for sneaking a lil hotheaf on a domestic flight?
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Rural Intercity Buses

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I wish there were more transit of this kind however barebones it would have to be in the US. I was running the numbers on operating a private shuttle between two small cities that the local transit agencies seems to have no desire to connect, and even in the worst case scenario of expensive insurance and low ridership, I could make a modest living off of a running a twice-daily 30 mile long service that stops in all the small towns and villages along the way. Maybe this is all just completely obsolete in this day and age but I can't imagine anything more kino than living in a cozy hamlet and riding into the city over the country roads in one of these, stopping at the center of one stoplight towns and not interstate park and rides.

What does /n/ think of that?

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a electric camper on 3 wheels, price around 2k
on aliexpress

you think they will let me drive that?

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Urban sprawl is good as long as you have extensive coverage of railways, it's comfy too because it makes the urban core larger and takes longer to navigate through which is a vibe.

Does your city qualify for CHAD status?

>central urban area footprint of >=300 km^2
>at least 5 major intercity railway terminals within the urban zone
>metro footprint >=1200 km^2
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what is the ultimate form of portable micro mobility? meaning it easily attaches to or goes inside a backpack and doesn't weight you down, is it the penny board? EUC is too heavy and same for a brompton.
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Totally random late night thoughts

At the current known speed of travel throughout space (maybe not max) but at the speed the JSWT (telescope) reached the L2 zone in space. It would take 7291 generations of astronaut to reach some planet they believe has a civilization on it meaning it would take 324.7 Million Kg's of food for the entire journey assuming only 1 breeding pair or humans at any one time (inbred as fuck)

583333.3 years assuming 80 year lifespan which isn't including the 20 year overlap having 4 people on board whilst children are brought up to speed and left at age 20 by their dying parents. They would they be dead because the amount of inbreeding required at those levels would make them so fucking retarded they would forget how to breathe.
In closing. Close to 700,000 years worth of life, 389.7 Million Kg of food (including the 20 year overlap) is what would be required to make it to that planet

We aren't making it to any other civlized planets before our finite resources are depleted. Humanity is fucked unless we come leaps and bounds in space travel and shielding technology.
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Do trains cause autism or do autistics enjoy them naturally

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Oh hey guys, just going to walk my herd down this here road a few miles. You don't mind waiting, right?
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