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I suck at it
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"America is way too big for a public transit."

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It's so cute. I kinda wanna get one and throw it in the back of my car. I know it looks faggy and some $50 Amazonium e-scooter probably outpaces this in every measurable aspect but it's holding some kinda allure for me.
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Skyking day

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>Five years ago
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/bag/ - bike apparel general

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Discuss bike apparel. What does /n/ wear? I find it difficult to find something I'm truly happy with.

-Assos - flimsy shit for anorexic freaks, designs are eye rape
-Gore - cut for obese diabetic golf dads, designs are so boring I want to kms
-Rapha - the bose of cycling gear, dead giveaway that you have no idea what you're doing
-Castelli - probably the least terrible from an objective point of view but the logo is way too in your face
-MAAP - wannabe rapha cringlelord gear
-Le Col - another wannabe rapha, the only thing worse than Rapha is wanting to be rapha
-Santini - completely nonsensical sizing, either baggy shit for obese people or ridiculous midget shit even though it's the same nominal size, bibs are way too thin, might as well just wear women's panthose
-La Passione - changes their designs every 10 seconds for no reason, takes about a decade to do an RMA that would take no more than 2 weeks from anyone else
-Black Bibs - ali express tier garbage and permanently smells like a wet dog after 2 rides

What we can conclude here is that it all sucks except Castelli and I'm sick and tired of wearing all castelli all the time, anyway I ask again what does /n/ wear? Post your likes and hates. Oh I forgot giro, giro isn't too bad for casual "urban cyclist" stuff. Haven't tried their real bike gear in a loooooong time though. A long time.
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Name one flaw.

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I've recently decided that if I'm ever caught in the middle of a plane going down, I will not just sit and wait for the inevitable crash. I'll wait until the cabin is depressurized below 10000 feet, put on the parachute I brought as carry-on, force open the emergency exit door and skydive myself to safety.

What I need to know from you anons is what steps can I take to ensure that I can make my daring escape without getting sucked in to the jet engines?
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>Heres your metro bro
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>you will never have a qt non-trans gf who is autistic about trains and transportation
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