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/fg/ - filters general or, how to make /n/ not suck

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What filters do you use, /n/?

/chad/ - Public Transport in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Winter is coming, or rather, it's here.

What now?
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What destroyed cycling: a root cause analysis

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Disasters never have one root cause and neither did the destruction of cycling. But I know some important milestones in the decline and fall:

1. COVID 19. Enough said.
2. Full suspension mountain bikes. Enough said.
3. Reddit. Enough said.
4. Twitter. Enough said.
5. British "people". Enough said.
6. The d-tch. Enough said.
7. The state of Utah. Enough said.
8. Zwift, Peloton, "Spin Class", and other cancer. Enough said.

What were some other key moments?
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>filters normies
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How to deal with the heat when commuting on a bicycle?

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Any fellow Texans here? Summer is right around the corner and I am starting to feel the heat. I'm expecting that we will reach 100F (38C) temperatures very soon. Is there any way at all to deal with this? or I just have to embrace being sweaty?
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>be airbus
>do nothing
>stay winning because your only competitor can't build anything except a rehash of a 60 year old design that keeps nosediving
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Australia can build nice modern metro stations, why can’t the US? New York’s city 2nd Ave Subway extension costed billions and the station built looked like shit, mid at best. Australia does the same yet builds great stations, all modern, functional with great station amenities and architecture. Metro trains are fully automated as well with platform screen doors on every station.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with mutts? This is not an Anglo-issue (London finishes Crossrail and Toronto is going big on transit expansions and major renovations), it appears only mutts are the outlier, why?
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B737-8 trailing edge flap

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Is it supposed to look like that? It looks like a piece is missing.

On it right now, and it doesn’t look right to me. I have a background of flying, and maybe im just super unobservant, but that little scoop out of the edge of the flap looks like it might be a broken piece. If not, why does it look like that? Cant see the other side of the plane to compare and cant find images on google.
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Is there anything more soulful than taking a Greyhound bus from coast to coast?
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