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Tips for getting away with automobile vandalism?

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Hi /n/
I'm a bike commuter and i'm sick of dick head car brains shitting up the already shitty bike lanes
Whats the best way to ensure I don't get caught for slashing a tire, breaking a window, breaking a mirror, or all of the above?
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/pywst/ - post your walkscore thread

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I wonder how many people here actually practice what they preach? Not many I'm sure, I can smell the the hypocrisy. Rules for thee and not for me is the rule of the internet.

So let's post our walkscores and let's see how bad things really are. If any of the there numbers are under 90 you don't belong here.
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Job as CSA for NSW Trains

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Accepted into a CSA (customer service attendant level 1) job with NSW Trains.

What does the typical day look like, and what is the work life balance like?

Boasting a 1.2k pay each week which I assume is before tax.
Is it worth it?

Epic ride...epic fail?

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Hi guys. Ive used white lightning epic ride for years just got a new bottle via mail. Wonder if I got a fake one.

Old epic ride was a combo of a dry parrafin wax and a traditional wet lube. You shook it up and it had a viscous louche absinthe color.

New "epic ride" is the color of antifreeze with no parrafin wax on the bottom.

Did white lightning change the formula or is this fake?

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would you ride tandem with your significant other?
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>they used to serve McDonald's Happy Meals on United flights.
we used to be a real country
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>bought a new bike
>got stolen in the next day
How do you deal with bike theft? I don't want to ride those ugly ass scooters or euc's
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>I'm 134th out of 1102 riders on this segment
>hell yeah
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The US should invest in making an artificial canal interconnecting the Eastern/Western marine highways in America.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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80's Japanese randonneur gf edition


Previous thread: >>1998961
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